What's going on?

I keep getting this alarm when I cut. Not on every piece I cut, but just at random times. I’ve done everything the notification says to do. I’ve also changed my consumables, and put a dryer and filter on my air compressor. I don’t know what else to do, and at this point I’m just wasting metal. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Here I found these in the search bar above left magnifying glass.
There are more if you look. you need to give more info so people can help you.
Start with table type, Plasma cutter, etc, has your table been working fine?, have you had this problem in the past? have you made any changes just before having this problem?
Make sure you come back and tell us what fixed your problem please


Thanks for the reply and feedback. I am running a crossfire pro with a razorweld 45. Ive been having this same issue since I started about 2 months ago. Everything ive read has told me to change the consumables, check the compressor for moisture. Ive done both of these things and still having this issue. Every once in a while, the program will let me reset the alarm and it will continue cutting. More often than not though, it will not continue.

What thickness of metal and what amps are you using at 50ipm? Going too slow on thin metal can cause the Torch to flame out.

What are you using for CAM? Fusion or Sheetcam?

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I have this problem as well. I’ve tried everything. I bought a new torch and the problem went away for a short time and then the same thing. But if i loosen the nozzle on the torch it works fine

Take the cover off and set the air to 75 psi. Then make sure you have 120 psi at the back of the plasma cutter. If the gauge drops below 70 psi when cutting you need to find out way and fix it.

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Hey…sorry you are having these problems…I think we need some more information and a little clarification to help you on your way to happy cutting
so far we know you have a Pro table with Razor 45…

  • Do you have Torch Height control?..isit on or turned off?
  • what program are you using to design and what are you using for post processing?
  • how big of compressor do you have?..
  • what sort of drying and filtering system do you have for the air to the plasma?
  • what thickness of metal are you trying to cut
  • what are your settings? ( amps, speed, plunge rate, pierce delay,)
  • where is your “ground” for the material clamped to?
  • is your laptop plugged in to power when you are cutting or is it on battery?
    if you have pictures of your set-up from compressor to plasma and the table it can help us…