PSA: Regarding "Child Process exited with error code 1"

Hey everyone,

TL;DR - if the computer you use to run FireControl is equipped with a processor that has a model designation that ends with “U”, I strongly advise that you disable automatic Windows updates. Be aware that disabling Windows updates may cause you to miss out on important security updates, so exercise caution while online.

Since October of last year, we’ve been receiving reports of FireControl crashing on startup accompanied with a Windows dialog box reading “Child process exited with error code 1”. As more and more users have been receiving the update and encountering this issue, I decided to acknowledge the situation in PSA form.

A “child process error” is a generic Windows error message that occurs when a subprocess created by a program – the “parent process” – runs into a problem that prevents it from completing its task. In the case of FireControl, the digital read-out and toolpath visualizer are examples of child processes. These errors can occur for various reasons; insufficient system resources, hardware failures, CPU driver issues, etc.

It seems like there was a Windows update last October that changed how the operating system distributes power. This, in turn, created an issue in which certain power-efficient CPU variants can no longer run FireControl, as it does not get enough system resources for all of FireControl’s child processes. While we have been working to find a resolution on our end, it’s worth noting that this issue stems from Windows, not a problem with the FireControl software itself.

The vast majority of reports come from AMD Ryzen processors with the “-U” suffix. CPU model designation nomenclature indicates that these processors are power-efficient models. We’ve also rarely seen this issue occur on AMD processors with an “-H” suffix (indicating a high-performance mobile model variant) as well as even more rare occurrences on Intel processors with the “-U” suffix.

If you are relying on a laptop with such a processor to run FireControl, I strongly recommend that you disable auto-updates for Windows. To determine which processor your device is equipped with in Windows 10 or Windows 11:

  1. Navigate to Settings > System > About.
  2. Look under “Device specifications.”
  3. The name of your computer’s processor and its speed are displayed to the right of “Processor.”
    Here’s an example from my computer:

    My device uses an Intel Core i7-12700K. because the letter at the end of the model designation is not a “U”, this device is in the clear for this issue.

To disable automatic Windows updates updates temporarily:

  1. In Windows 10, navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update; in Windows 11, navigate to Settings > Windows Update.
  2. Select a timeframe.
  3. Click the “Pause updates” option. Updates will only be paused for the timeframe specified.
    Here’s an example from my computer:

    It is worth noting that disabling Windows updates may cause you to miss out on important security patches. Be sure to exercise caution online.

As always, we will continue to work hard to improve FireControl functionality. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Any questions, concerns, or issues can be posted in this thread or directed to Thanks!



this is great PSA…could someone from Langmuir post this on FB as well…I think it might help some of the PR issues…

Good information. @langmuir-reilly I have this issue and have been running the older compatibility version to be able to use fire control. I have one big issue with that version and that is the fact that the quickkey tab does not cycle between the different jog options. Once automatic updates are turned off….is it possible to run other versions of fire control where that option works?

Hey Dylan,

I’m not sure what would cause the Tab hotkey to not work in FireControl - it’s been a feature for a long time, and we haven’t received reports of any issues with it. I’d try an uninstall/reinstall, and make sure to delete the .FireControl folder.

If Windows automatic updates are disabled, is it possible to run the latest version of fire control with these low power consumption laptops or should I continue to run the one that is a little older but has the compatibility nomenclature?

The only system requirement related to the Windows operating system is that it must be Windows 7 or higher - you can continue using the latest FireControl release, and update FireControl when new versions come out! (unless this requirements changes, which is unlikely)


I have this issue, did an uninstall, delete folder and re install. Still have the issue, it would be nice but it is a non-concern for me. ( of course, if I HAD the feature and it stopped working, I’d probably feel like it was the end of the World) :grin::rofl:

Any updates on this? I purchased a little Beelink mini PC specifically to use with my Pro so I could keep my MacBook elsewhere for design and I’m hitting this problem.

Windows 11 Pro version 21H2, OS build 22000.2295
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics

Would downgrading the PC to Windows 10 be a solution?

My Beelinks all work great. I am on Windows 11 22H2. Maybe you should download 22H2? 23H2 is due out next month. Sometimes Windows repairs bugs, but never admit too it.

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Are your Beelinks AMD processor or Intel? I think they sell both. It’s the AMD GPU that is the problem IIRC.

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Mine are Intel.

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In the old days I would have accused a certain OS MFR of favoritism. But now it’s merely incompetence.


installed all the updates that were available and now I’m on 22H2. The error remains.

Doesn’t the XR come with a computer to run the table? Are you replacing it with the Beelink?

I believe that the MC4000 is a bare bone version of the Beelink. It does however use a Intel processor.

Sounds like Jake should be getting involved. Child process means its missing afile or data required. I know you have removed and reloaded cut control. How about the CH340 driver?

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So which table do you actual have? the XR is the 4’x8’ (which comes with it’s own computer), but on another one of your posts you say you have the Pro which is the 3’x4’ or could you possibly have the smaller one with extension which would be the XL 2’x3’.

That would help in troubleshooting your problem.

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Sorry, I mistyped. I have the Pro, not the XR. Sorry for any confusion. I’ve edited my post to correct that.

Did some digging around and found that the child process error is a windows registry problem. I watched this video on how to repair it. You better watch it several times first. Good luck.


This issue specifically affects AMD CPU’s of the “-U” variety; as this is of the “-H” designation, it should be good to go! That said, we do not make specific product recommendations.

We have received a few reports of the issue occurring with the “-H” processors as well. Less than 1% of reports of this issue come from Intel-equipped computers.