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I am very new to this and need some recommendations on what laptop to buy for the crossfire pro and what laptops to stay away from. I have not received the table yet but is coming soon. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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A useful thing to learn is the search tool in the upper right hand corner. Search on this title and you should find LOADS of previous posts on the matter.

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searching is a great tool…
but what you need to know is what software you plan to use…that determines the laptop specs you need to look at.
if you are going to run Fusion360…then you will need to look up those specs to make sure your laptop meets the requirements.
As for Firecontrol…it can run on just about anything…even a miniPC…

so your laptop needs to meet the requirements of the software and be within your budget…simple…


My recommendation would be to run your table on a different computer than the one you use for design.

The table doesn’t require an expensive laptop to run. I run mine on a mini PC with a touchscreen

I keep my expensive design laptop in the house, where it is safe from getting covered in metal dust and flying particles of hot slag.


good points!

Im running a HP Elitebook x360. Its a 3 in 1 so it foldes all the way open to use as a tablet because i use a Bamboo stylist to draw stuff out. Its also nice being a touch screen when running the fire control app. You can just touch the buttons you want without screwing with the mouse. Its also nice because its got magnets in the bottom so when you set it on your stand it won’t just slide around. Only downside is with magnets comes the collection of metal powder from the air even with good ventilation. However its a easy cleanup and i just use clear plastic bags to cover it . New they are pricey but you can get a used or refurbished one at a good price.

Main thing is chromebook will not work lol and try and stay at or above 16 gb of ram.

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Langmuir provides system requiments on their website here:

Also, I suggest you read this PSA from Langmuir related to laptops:

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You should consider this BeeLink mini computer. Limited-time deal: Beelink New 11 Generation Intel N5095 Processor (up to 2.9GHZ), Mini PC,Mini Computer with 8GB DDR4 RAM/ 256GB M.2 SATA SSD, Supports Extended HDD & SSD/4K 60FPS/Dual HDMI/ WiFi5 /BT4.0,W11 pro
That with a $150 touch screen monitor and you are in business. I agree with 72Pony. Keep your design computer totally separate.


I just placed an order for one. Thanks for the tip.

I recently got an Asus Core I7 with NVidia graphics,… basically a gaming machine (Republic of Gamers built/sold machine). I got it on a trade for some auto repair work. Awesome machine for F360 and it solved my FCtrl freezup issue I had with my Dell Latitude.

I’ve been reluctantly using it to drive the table while waiting on a good price on these so thanks again for the tip!.

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