Langmuir Systems Discord Server

I started a Langmuir Systems Discord Server.

Come join the server for access to audio talking and screen sharing. Maybe very useful for trouble shooting.

Video and webcam sharing too.

Langmuir Systems will not be moderating the server so please keep it cool.

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Since it’s your Discord , you get to enforce the one rule that matters - don’t piss off Tin or you’re gone :grin:


I have a pretty slow burn fuse. Lol.

I’m hoping I can share some moderating positions with some other people if they’re interested.

I currently have my fingers in a lot of pies.


Don’t piss off Tin or you’ll never see a manual for the rest of your life! :grimacing:


@TinWhisperer This one tells me it is an invalid invite as well.

I guess that link was only good for 7 days.

I created a new one that does not expire.


i made it over there. I have never used anything like that other than aol rooms a long long time ago. Is it something to be logged in all the time or how exactly can it be utilized most effectively?

You can use live chat to help someone or get help, use the voice channel to speak to one another directly and use screen share or web cam for better communication on resolving issues.

Better than what could be a lengthy back forth on the forum. It has not been utilized yet, but has great potential.


Up to 12 members !!

right on.

If anyone else is interested in moderating ,let me know.

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ill be down to join the discord. but the new link says invalid

try this link.


got it thanks.

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Try to got to it said the link was expired

@Manderson1982 I just updated it

Joined, though I probably won’t be on it much. Also followed you @TinWhisperer on Twitch while I was at it.

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