Looking for an online tutor

I had a pretty good tutor for a few sessions, but he’s not going to work anymore. I’m looking for a new tutor to help with fusion 60 (which I am new to) all the way through g-code generation.

On discord the next time I’m going to twitch stream and we can go through whatever you want.

I also produced a small series of videos and I’m working on some other ones that are specific to the cam.

Right at the bottom of the link there’s a link to the YouTube videos as well which are the same videos just on YouTube

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I’m sorry, I’m not on discord. I’m old. I’ll see if my son can get me setup. Zoom??

Discord would be way better than you would have access to all the other members too. There’s quite a few helpful guys on there.


what’s the address on discord?

Langmuir Systems Forum try this link address

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