FAQ: The Request/Bug Thread

Reviewing the posts on here I’ve noticed a lot of repeats and a lot of user errors mixed in with real issues as well as problems being prompted that have been solved. I would be nice to be able to know for sure if a problem is me or a problem that is being fixed or if its already fixed. For those reasons, and to try and assist the langmuir guys on deciding what to spend man hours on this initial post will be a list of both Requests that users would like added such as features in CC, or physical addons; as well as a current list of bugs(software/hardware) or other issues/user errors that are submitted on this thread.

0. Cut Control Version Update 21.1.1 — Status: COMPLETE - Major Bug Fixes!
0. MasterCAM Post Processor — Status: COMPLETE
0. Solidworks Post Processor — Status: COMPLETE
1. 4th Axis add-on — Status: In the works *i think
2. Z-Axis Ballscrew Upgrade — Status: need info
3. Langmuir Starter Tool Library — Status: Draft library created, video made not released yet
4. ATC-Automatic Tool Changer — Status: No Plans to release this addon per LangM.
5. X/Y-Axis Upgrades(Screw size/Doublenut/motor) — Status: no info
6. Comprehensive G-code List for MR-1(or supported Special Codes) — Status: need info
7. VisualCAD/CAM Post Processor(easy ask since Mecsoft write it) — Status: need info
8. FreeCAD Post Processor — Status: need info
9. Canned Cycles or Fusion CAM Templates(plz :pray:) — Status: need info
10.Vacuum Table add-on — Status: would be nice but they already exist and can be built easily
11. Machine Models(MR-1, Vise’s, other LM products) — Status: Solved Bill_A’s model
12. Chip Guards(X/Y) — Status: need info
13. Please Create Sub-Forums for: Build Threads/Tech Issues — Status: ?
14. MDI Functionality for single line code execution – Status: Next CC Release 'LM.
15. Spindle Load Monitoring — Status: ?

Issues / Bugs
1. Once Limit is reached moving away from limit retriggers the limit switch — Status: need info
2. Boring probe routine issue — Status: to be fixed in CC rev2 (fixed? plz advise)
3. Z-Axis Stalling! — Status: SOLVED
4. During build my Y-Axis is uneven(rocking back n forth) — Status: SOLVED
5. MR-1 Vibrating/Shuttering hard while homing — Status: SOLVED
6. Help what Feeds and Speeds… — Status: Cutting Params(you missed the obvious pinned post)
7. X- Axis Jammed/Locked-up — Status: SOLVED

Let me know if you think i should add a section for User Error Problems (ie. problems that were cause by being a noob like me and solved here somewhere). ideally id like to make this into a FAQ like megathread that will help noobs know if its “just them” or whatever. Ideally itd be nice to bunch up all user fixed problems here so its not a forum search for a possibly sub-par solution for the new MR-1 Owners out there.

If you have had a issue solved please post your issue concisely and a link to the solution thread. I’ll add it to the list.
I will review the comments weekly and add any items to the original post and update status based on feedback from Langmuir and others as they come in. Please Let me know if an issue has been solved already.

I’ m adding those that I am aware of but feel free to comment and I’ll get yours added/updated.

@langmuirsystems Feel free to make any edits to this post that you desire. I most likely missed
something you already answered/solved.

Now lets act like adults and try not to repost things 1000 times now that we have a reference.



I’d add the request or implementation of being able to start a program part way thru. This was brought up before and I believe it was supposed to be implemented, but if it’s in the current CC version I can’t figure out how to make it happen.


I agree with you. Now that would be a wonderful feature. Don’t know how many times I needed one more pass on a part to remove a thousandths or so. Having to watch this thing for 10 minutes go through the entire program again. If it can be done, I would like them to let us know.

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We’re developing that now- it will be in the next release!


Excellent, I’ll be looking forward to that!

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These features are listed in the control specs, but I don’t think they are in the current software. Maybe I missed something?

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Would definitely love to see some MDI functionality!

Reduced probe retract distance. I can’t make my probe retract shorter than half an inch. Half an inch is miles.

What if my work coordinates are located near another feature or fixture? The retract will cause a crash.

EDIT: It’s working fine now. My cut control just wasn’t updating properly.

Having a more Debug mode type of functionality where you can set a start and break point would be amazing. with a cursor that is easy to follow as it runs. At current as the program runs it is almost impossible to track which line you are on.

I feel like if the GUI in CC was modular, where you can move around each section and make sections larger like say the code window it would be easy to watch for certain lines as they execute.

Currently, there isn’t spindle rpm or even on/off monitoring. The controller will happy run through a tool path with the spindle set to 8k rpm with the spindle breaker turned off.

What’s the status on being able to post code with multiple tools and having the machine present the spindle at the front for the manual tool change?


Cut Control portrait mode so it resembles an industrial CNC controller. It’s also more ergonomic.

Controls on the bottom with info on the top would look really nice and feel familiar.

It already kinda works but the GUI needs to be scaled correctly.