DIY CPC cable for Everlast and Primeweld w/ cnc port

I’m going to put together a cpc cable like the one Langmuir sells here:
Only it’ll be for my Primeweld Cut 60. It just so happens the Everlast plasma cutters use the same pinout. Here’s the diagram I made if anyone wants to do the same.
CPCcable.pdf (166.6 KB)
Short cable should be ok at 2ft and long cable at 4ft
These should work fine:


Awesome idea, I have a cut60 but no way to solder those tiny pins. I’d buy one if you could make me one!

Is there any harm in running cables longer than 2 and 4 feet?

for torch on/off and thc? no, i run 10’ extensions on each with no issues.

Thanks. Ordering cables now. Have water tables now, hopefully the rest soon to follow.

Did you guys ever make your cable? I’m in this step of the process now and think it would like to do this as well! Thanks

Tim did you ever end up making one? Where do you get the connector from?

Your should have everything to make it yourself… the connector comes with the cutter


That connector is too big. It might be the HE21, but not sure…

The CUT60 comes with the connector already.

Yes. I have one. I was just noting that the connector linked in that post was not a match as indicated.

so with the primeweld cut 60 and using the cnc port as shown here do i need to use the red and black torch and clamp leads on the THC and if i do were do i connect them?

have you tried searching the forum for some answers?
I always find it helpful to try a search first and then see if other people have had similar issues…while you wait for some answers here…

you just click the little magnifying glass on the top right of the page and type primeweld…a lot of topics on exactly what you are looking for pop up…

if you’re talking about the ones that plug in on top of the thc box, then no, you won’t need those with the cut60 since those are used for raw voltage and you’ll be using divided voltage from the cpc port.

I’m wondering if this is in fact, the correct one… I just sent my XL down the road(waiting for PRO). and let the connector and wiring for the everlast cnc port go with it… RATS!!

The HE21 should be the one that comes with the Everlast and Primeweld units.
I have some extras in stock.