What the Kerf ? ! # $ * Hypertherm smartSYNC

Being a Hypertherm user I am interested in the change to the SNYC one piece cartridge’s.

Now that the manuals are available I have started to comb through

" Powermax45 XP / 65 / 85 / 105 ®
Cut Charts Guide for Cartridge Adapter
on Duramax®
Torches Manual "

likely this will be the way I’ll experience theses new cartridge.

I am surprised this was not talked about in their marketing when they released this.

Check out the differences in the cut charts

This is from the Powermax 85 manual
OG consumables 45amp shielded consumables

This is from the NEW 45A mechanized cartridge, one piece.

Same pierce delay

Same Pierce Height

Same +/- Cut speed

Same Voltage

Twice the Cut height

THE KERF WIDTH GOES FROM .055 to .023 less then half Craziness
Less then half of the fine cuts too .049 to .023

Why didn’t they make a big deal about that during the release ?

And they have fine cuts too

Compare to standard fine cut consumables .049 to .017 less the half and some kerf reductions

They aren’t not cheap through . you can buy them from Asia now but 70 plus dollars per

they say twice the life or more?

tons more information to go through here

seems incredible

what to you all think?


The one chart you posted with a kerf of .043 for 14 gauge with standard fine cut consumables seems off. Mine for 16 gauge with fine cuts is .030. Edit, I know why now. I’m referencing fine cut low speed.

But, if I can confirm the estimated kerf is that damn small with the sync cartridges, I’ll absolutely be using them.

Perhaps their initial rollout didn’t focus on the right elements of what their new system can bring. They didn’t look attractive to me at first, but they do now.


Here’s some of the part numbers and estimated sale costs for the adapters, readers, and mechanized cartridges. Looks like January 1st.

I went from on the fence to totally sold on it if that kerf with is the truth.

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I was able to make a pre-order for some of these consumables.whether I’ll get them on January 17th, I doubt.

I bought

Part 528083 cartridge reader 40$cdn

Part 428926 mechanized fine cut X 5 58$cdn each

Part 428951 adapter 120$ cdn

I know the hypertherm reps are making their rounds here in Canada getting all their wholesalers figured out for the release.

They were in Cranbrook British Columbia this week training staff on the product.

I’m pretty excited about this stuff. I can’t wait to see if they live up to the hype.

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Not sure what the cartridge reader is going to provide you when using the consumables on the legacy machine since only the SYNC cutter is going to be able to write data back to the cartridge.

I wasn’t to excited about this since I have a one year old 65 and a whole box of various consumables but if the cut charts are right then I may need to buy an adaptor and try the new 45FC cartridge.

If those kerf numbers hold up then that’s incredible. I’m excited for the feedback before diving in on one myself.

In my excitement I must have read through that.

I did download the app and start thumbing through.

I bought my PowerMax 85 just under a year ago as well. It was hard not to feel a little irked when they released a new machine and suddenly my machine was a legacy machine. But they have to come out with a new machine eventually I guess. seems like this SYNC machine is going to be pretty nice
I hope they release a 45 XP SYNC version then I would have an excuse to buy another machine. I would really like to play around with the marking capabilities of the 45 XP.

As I recall I watched something that said there would be no 45 amp version of the SYNC anytime in the near future. I would love to see some feedback when you get to run these.

Just came in yesterday.

8 days after release date isn’t too bad for the middle of nowhere Canada.

I’ll start reprogramming some for the new kerf widths and I’ll post back when I make some cuts.


Also cool, this product is
Made in the USA.

And it looks like it was produced just 19 days ago

Any updates on how the cut?

I have made some cuts with these.

I was running some comparisons though to be fair.

I am comparing:

Sync fine cut consumable normal (high) speed

Sync fine cut consumables at low speed

Standard 45 amp shielded

Standard 45 amp unshielded consumables

Original fine cut consumables at low speed

Original fine cut consumable side normal (high) speed

Hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to post all my results using a crossfire pro.


How’s the testing going ? Good , bad, Or did hypertherm see the last post and pay you in consumables to not post the results🤣

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My results aren’t quite matching up to the book numbers kerf wise.

The cut quality is great.

It basically eliminates pierce height. ( Cut height and Pierce height the same thing and most of the charts )

I wish. Lol.

I am just trying to be fair and thorough before I post .

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Any final results or thoughts on this? Is the cut quality and longer life worth the extra cost?

No final results but they do cut very clean and seem to last. I am having trouble realizing the kerf width spec’d in the charts.

one day I hope to post my notes.

It is a good product so far and they have outlasted the standard consumables long enough for it be “worth it”

Would love to see results. Probably worth buying adapter if I ever need fine cut consumables.

Do they cut as clean as original consumables? I am thinking of buying the Hypertherm 65 sync for new Xr table.

Yes the cut quality is very clean.

I’m not getting the kind of kerf widths that are stated in the book.

I can imagine the consumables would run even better on a sync power source I’m using a adapter currently.

A question I would love to see answered is how long will they last. I bought one of the last old style I could find instead of a sync. With cost of consumables higher just didn’t know. I do production runs on .250 I get 1500 plus pierces and 3 plus hours arc time out of the copper plus electrode.