THC moving like sewing machine

I just had an issue come up when cutting on both 14 gauge and 20 gauge on some longer straight cuts the torch is moving up and down rapidly like a sewing machine, Not super high but noticeable. the cut quality is acceptable. it just started happening, I am now also using the Sync cartridges and did notice they use a ring on the tip. Stupid question I am sure, but do I need to change my set up on my THC when using the sync cartridges? I know very little about how that part works. I know it is voltage related so wondering if that adapter changes things, Hyperthem PowerMax65 Duramx Mini machine torch using adapter for Sync cart.

I use the book settings for both standard powermax consumables and SYNC consumables.

Check out this topic the first link is the SYNC adaptor cut charts and user guide.

smart voltage or nominal voltage? What are you see in the THC section in Firecontrol during the cut?

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Thanks for the link, I read the posts, one thought is the water cooling and causing it to hunt? is that possible? I don’t have cuts planned for today, but I will pay keen attention to the screen, I have been having some start issues but I was also playing with pierce times as well so too many variables there.

it is the warpage of the thin sheet metal, and I think the higher cut height accentuates it. Had a long cut and was able to weight most of it down. Fine where it was weighted and hunting on the floppy stuff. I guess that shows my inexperience but now I know. The comment about water and warpage in the noted post lead me there, thanks,