Hypertherm SYNC vs Staying Legacy?

So preorders for the hypertherm sync series started in October, but apparently units wont be shipped until mid Jan. My praxair rep told me about this and that they were to discontinue sales of hypertherm powermax 65/85’s and to only start selling the SYNC series.

The 1 and only consumable sounds great and all for hand torches… then again makes me wonder if its worth it as a lot of the times your electrode will be good and the tip just needs replaced.

Ive never ran a machine torch or CNC table, but was skeptical about this. I’m I better off just trying to score a regular powermax 85 vs the SYNC? Figured I’d ask you guys that have run tables currently in the past what your feedback is on this…

It’s similar to what laser printers did to the printer market. Laser printers use basically the same technology as photocopiers. But everyone knows about all the maintenance needed to keep photocopiers working and how they are often down waiting for a service tech.

Laser printers are based on taking all the consumables and bundling them into a single user replaceable cartridge. That means there are parts that don’t necessarily need to be replaced from a strict % of lifespan perspective. You’re replacing the toner and the fuser and the drum even though there’s likely tens of thousands more pages of life in that drum or fuser. But it means that the fuser and drum aren’t going to go bad and break and cause the printer to go down and leave you waiting for replacements or service.

Seems like they’re doing the same thing here. Sure, you’re replacing things like swirl rings which typically last several electrode’s worth before they need to be replaced. But it means you don’t need to worry about bad swirl rings for example. All those problems caused by problems with the component pieces of the torch head are going to pretty much go away since they’re being replaced before they wear out.

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Excellent analogy, James!
We’ll ignore the fact that I can’t even afford a Legacy Hypertherm… :sob:

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they will be making an adapter to use the new consumables on the older machine.
you wont get the automatic settings feature

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I replacement my Everlast 60s with a Hypertherm Powermax 85 and It is a fantastic machine. I do plan on ordering the adaptor for my Dura Torch 180 as soon as its available in the Americas. Tried to order a adaptor and cartridges’ from New Zealand but it seem super expensive with imports, shipping and it likely would get here after the Americas release.

The improved kerf alone is reason enough to buy the new cartridges.

They promise X2 plus the consumable life and 1/2 to 1/3 of the kerf width.
it will also warned you when your consumable are reaching end of life.

If you want your consumables to last the longest, beside running the right ones for the right task and at the right amperage.

Dry air is the answer . most people in a small shop think they have it but they don’t.
The maximum water vapor dew point should be <-40° C (-40° F) this is not easy to achieve but will make your consumables’ last much longer and preform way better.

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