Torch square to table adjustments

Looking to figure out the best way to square the torch angle slide to the table. I see some small Allen screws just don’t know if Langmuir did a write up on this adjustment yet.

Hey Brian,

Since you were order #1, we hadn’t quite dialed in our assembly fixture. But yes you are correct, those set screws you circled are used to push the adjustable bearings into the backside of the tube. Similarly, there are set screws on the bottom edge that push bearings into the bottom surface of the tube.

Take these steps:

  1. Back the set screws that you circled out 1 turn each.
  2. Loosen the bearing bolts and then shift them away from the tube and retighten them
  3. At this point you should have some slop in the torch carriage.
  4. Apply finger pressure to the top of the red torch mount (i.e. your finger should be pushing in the positive y direction)
  5. Check to see how square the carriage is to the slat surface.
  6. Turn the lower set screws in, in 1/4 turn increments, until the torch carriage is square to the slat bed. Use finger pressure as in step 4 when checking for squareness.
  7. Go back to the top set screws and tighten them until the bearing just make contact with the back surface of the gantry tube.

Got it all square now thanks. I only noticed when I put the new Hypertherm torch on with the long neck. Thinking this may had something to do with the excessive beveling I got too. Man this new Hypertherm 45xp sure cuts clean


awesome- whats that part do?

Saw this online figure I’ll just cut one out for my welding bottle.

Hel-Hook Steel Welding Hanger Kit


Mine is doing the same thing but in both x and y directions. I’ve messed with it for over an hour today trying to get it square. Are there any other tricks you can recommend? I’m assuming the top bolts move the mount toward/away from the gantry and the bottom bolts tip it left and right?

Edit : On second look the bevel is equal and in opposite directions on all sides (think a pyramid when looking at the part from the side). This is making no sense to me since the bevel should not change directions - it should look like a rhomboid, not a pyramid.

If the bevel is equal on all sides in this fashion /\ that is coming from your torch not the crossfire.

If the bevels are parallel like this / / then the crossfire is out of square.

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Or the orifice in the tip is blown out.

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