Cut issues - Torch square?

After having some severe bevel/angle in our first test cuts (/ /), we following the instructions here:
That helped with the / / bevel, but problems still persist. We see odd corners (slight point and never on the same edge of the piece), serrated edge on one side, sloppy cuts (internal curves are a mess for example on the bottle opener they have you make in the tutorial). I have attached pics to highlight the issues. Any advice appreciated…just wasting flat stock at this point - thx.

-New tips/consumables used on attached pics
-torch mount squared using directions above
-table level

Looks like a loose set screw on the coupler that connects the lead screw to the stepper motor.



additionally the cut speed maybe too fast based on the serrations visible in the side.

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Will give that a look tonight, obviously will check both motors/lead screws. but does what you see usually indicate one or they other? thx all!

travel speed too fast shows up as those angled serrations on the side and increased dross on the top. Too Slow Travel speed shows up in a wide kurf with c shaped scallops and increased dross on the bottom. Loose set screws show up as asymmetry on round or square holes openings etc. This is based on my own usage and screwing around with my system. (your mileage may vary)


I had the same issue and a loose set screw on the X axis lead screw where it mates with the stepper motor was the issue.

Thanks gents for the resolution.

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