Torch height wont change

Been dialing in this new machine and running some test cuts, cuts are clean but with excessive bevel i think is from improper torch height.

Fusion settings in cam are set at default and even when I change the value in cam the torch height when cutting stays the same (when measuring in the middle of a cut program and pause it), its roughly cutting at .115, and it wont go up or down regardless of what perimeters i set in Fusion.

everlast 62i, using divided voltage at Cnc port.

bevel is on all sides.

so I am a Pro table user with a 62i also…I feel your first problem is using the CNC port for divided voltage…the best place to get readings is right from the lugs inside the machine as it leaves for the torch and material clamp…there are pictures I posted on this in the forum.

Everlast has been known to inaccurate divided or raw voltage at the CNC port…

I am tied into the lugs inside at the front of the machine and have had perfect readings from day one…

next are you getting connection when all plugged in? the buttons on the top right of the Firecontrol both show connected?

next make sure your laptop is not plugged into a power source…it needs to run on battery or with a plug without a ground.

make sure you are clamped to the material and not the slats or table…

your clean cuts look nice…you just need to get THC working and setting the height in fusion to the right setting…I do not use fusion so I can not help with that.

keep in mind the 62i runs on 60psi balanced on the front of the machine when you do a flow test…do not play with the PSI to much…leave it at 60…play with your speed and amps…


The touch screen needs a plug with no ground? I’m using Usb flash drive for transferring cut program’s to the Xr touch screen

Ive read about the Ever-last divided voltage issue, but from the newer manual is states its factory with 50:1

I agree the Everlast like the lower end of the Air supply.

Thanks for the reply.

sorry my bad on the grounding plug…

As for the divided voltage…my manual says the same thing…but I do not trust it and it was off…besides if you believe everything you read you would believe me as I have experienced the issue…right?

Langmuir is best off with RAW voltage from the Everlast…

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I’m going to try it raw voltage, do you a link to the picture you posted to hook it up inside the machine?


a little searching using the magnifying glass in the top right corner gives this result…

scroll down through the post and you will see some pictures I posted…

note the black wire goes to the lug for the torch and the red goes to the lug for the material clamp…this is the right way to do it…
the wires then plug into the VIM box and you plug your jack into the PV outlet…do not use the DIV outlet…put tape over the DIV outlet…

Much appreciated

Wired to DV for the THc and tested it, the live voltage was 113.3

Still no change in edge bevel. I’m stumped

Does your z-axis move up and down freely when you manually use the page up or page down keysor the arrows on screen in fire control?

Can you post your *.f3d file and I can explore it to see exactly how you have it set up in Fusion 360?

Are you using smart voltage or are you writing in a nominal voltage? This is under the THC in fire control.

If you’re still cutting at that .115 height you’re going to experience bevel.

images (1)


Z axis freely moves manually.

Using smart voltage.

Regales of what cut height i input the bevel stays exactly the same.

Do you have torch height control box checked in your post menu in Fusion 360?

It’s very odd that it would work manually but then not work when you have a program that has torch height control in it.

IHS and THC boxes both checked

Regardless of the perimeters i set in fusion on when cutting and i pause the program the torch height distance is like .116 measured with a feeler gauge.

i just dont get it ?

is the torch hitting the material before it bottoms out and triggers the ihs switch? if the torch is too high up on the mount then the ihs switch will trigger prematurely causing it to be at the wrong pierce/cut height.

I can touch the torch down manually at it contacts the plate. also observed in in real time and its touching off before cutting

If i create a line program in fire control and manually set torch height to .06 the cut is spot on nerally zero bevel and the Dross is not existent!

No clean up at all.

I mean no clean up

its perfect!


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Can any of you guys run a simple program like a rectangle pause it during the cut and measure the actual cut height, Dont go off G code alone?

I’m beginning to think the Z axis is not allowing the shorter cut height because of actual hardware limitations.

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Next time I fire up the table I’ll check.

I’ve checked in the past and it’s been very close to my .06 height setting.

If you adjust your torch Mount up or down in your z-axis, does that have any effect?

I believe we spoke last night. Did setting a nominal voltage help resolve the issue or are you still encountering problems? If you are, please send your GCode file to me at so I can see if there’s anything that may be causing this there. If you allowed your torch to rest on the table slats when you secured it in the V-blocks during assembly I can assure its not hardware limitations.