Cant get rid of heavy dross on 1/2 plate

Yes you have said that when you manually set the cut height (IHS and THC toggled off) you get good cut quality with minimal to no dross.

When you run a straight cut mode with IHS toggled on. You get poor cut quality. I then explained that it was due to excessive cut height as a result of the generic IHS settings in straight cut mode and that to fix it you would need to adjust your IHS settings in CAM in order to ensure that the desired cut height is achieved.

Initially our conversation was about bobbing THC. Based on the input you gave me I provided you with three settings to adjust to correct that issue.

If I missed something please let me know.

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if I manually set a cut height in a line test in fire control that is manually measured with IHS off I use that actual cut height with the correct subtracted amount for initial spring back and back lash in my written cad, the program still bobs up and down regardless of what I do.

It’s only with shielded consumables and yes my actual measured cut height has been verified.

So your saying that with unshielded consumables and THC on it does not bob, but shielded consumables and THC on it bobs?

Yes the initial first post on this thread was excessive dross , with many different tests the problem seems to be THC with shielded consumables

Are you using smart voltage or setting your voltage?

Were do you have your plasma cutter wired for the THC. Are you using the cnc port or wired inside to RAV?

From some of his historic posts I see that they’re running divided voltage I would assume through the cpc port.

I think there was a few attempts to encourage the OP to wire it to raw voltage from inside the machine. It does look like through that last topic that the OP did wire it for raw voltage to test( whether this was from right inside the machine or just at the CPC port?)and experience no difference in cut quality.

@AultFab I used to run a Everlast 60s quite a bit. And my particular machine if it wasn’t wired for raw voltage from inside the machine the torch height control would not work correctly.

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The machine is running Raw voltage

From the CPC port or directly from the lugs inside the Everlast unit?

Directly from inside the front of the machine.

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And then like this to the electronics enclosure. And at least that part is confirmed hooked up correctly.

Seems like you’re having a heck of a time with that thing hunting. Can you do a screen record while you’re cutting?

Yes, problem is only happening with shielded consumables.

The torch head has never bobbed up and down with unshielded tips.

Are all the air holes in your shielded consumable free?

And it’s a " genuine" product. ? Just wondering if it might be some knock-off made out of some weird alloy material.

These are new and genuine, a quality set up.

Ipt60 hand torch?

Which consumable set is failing you?

It does seem like they spec out a different nozzle for their shielded consumables.

Did they make a shield for CNC cutting?

This is @mechanic416 territory now.

The consumables for the CNC torch are the same as the hand torch, but you have a CNC shield rather then a drag shield. The cutting tip is different for shield then unshielded. And there is no reason I can think of that would make the unshielded work and the shielded not work unless you got the tips mixed up.

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But it does require a different (nozzle) tip when you’re using the shielded consumables?

Edit. I see from above the answer is clearly yes

@mechanic416 is correct, that’s the set up im running, tips have not been mixed up.

THC would use the same reading with shielded and unshielded if they were set at the same TH from tip to metal. But I have seen smart voltage cause trouble.

So it cuts just great with the torch height control ON , smart voltage ,using unshielded consumables?

But when you use shielded consumables , smart voltage and torch height it hunts up and down.

That is a very bizarre scenario

If its in your settings I really can’t help @TinWhisperer or @langmuir-daniel can help you with that.