Tools and devices I have tried that work

We have all tried various tools and additions to our armaments for working with CNC Plasma cutting. I thought it would be informative to share “Stuff that worked.” It does not have to be your own discovery but you need to have tried it. You are under no obligation to share where you got the idea, but you can if you want (many times we forget where we first heard something). These are Add ons and tools you have tried and what issue did it solve:

  1. How to regulate fan on pre-cooler (@ToolBoy). Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller 2-Stage Outlet Thermostat Heating and Cooling. I wanted something that would turn the fan on and off at the appropriate time and did not feel the electric circuit of the air compressor would fit quite right. I also have it controlling my electronic compressor tank drain.

  2. How to drain my compressor tank without me needing to remember. Electronic Automatic Tank Drain for Air Compressors. There are cheap and expensive versions. I have bought one of each and have thoroughly tested the expensive one so that is the one I will show: I also added the “muffler” but now that mine is triggered when the compressor starts, there is no need to try to silence it. I cannot hear the drain release over the sound of the compressor.

  3. Extension for torch firing. This may be taboo for some setups (therefore I will not reference who suggested) but has worked well for me without issues. I wanted to move my cutter away from the table.

  4. Extension for USB to table control box. This may be taboo for some setups (therefore I will not reference who suggested) but has worked well for me without issues. I wanted to move my computer away from the table. MOSWAG Long Printer Cable 16.4FT/5M Scanner Cable USB Printer Cord USB Type A to Type B.

  5. Removing mill scale. Nothing beats the effectiveness of the vinegar bath but this works 200% better than flapper discs if need to remove it quickly: S SATC Strip Disc Blue 5” x 7/8” Stripping Wheel Premium Silicone Carbide Strip Disc for Angle Grinder. This disc will remove the mill scale without significant scratching of the metal.
    There are times that it is simply inconvenient to use the vinegar. (I do know that some wipe the 30% vinegar on metal and get quick results for $22 per gallon.) This wheel will also remove dross but will deteriorate the disc much more quickly.
    Strip discs

  6. Couplers for lead screws. Very secure and promoted by @Bigdaddy2166. Ruland CLX-4-4-F One-Piece Clamping Rigid Coupling, Black Oxide Steel, 1/4" Bore A Diameter, 1/4" Bore B Diameter, 5/8" OD, 1" Length. Fixes loosening issues.
    Lead screw Coupler

  7. Sealant for water table (especially at the seam). 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure 5200 (06535) Permanent Bonding and Sealing. Fixes the leak.

  8. Bluetooth control of the plasma table: Bluetooth keypad. Bluetooth Wireless Number Pads, Numeric Keypad 22 Keys.

  9. Plasma cutting fluid. STERLINGCOOL-PLASMACUT. (Photo omitted as it was only a bucket - unimpressive). Anti-corrosive, biodegradable, limited foaming and affect on metal. SterlingCool-PlasmaCut (Premium Plasma Water Table Fluid) - 5 Gallon P – Cutting Fluids Direct

  10. Straight edge added to table. This helps to align the piece of metal to the travel of the torch.


Thank you great set of tips.


Nice Thread thanks for sharing.


Have a really cheap and simple one to add. Collapsible silicone bowl, got it from Walmart. Trimmed it down with a pair of scissors and cut a hole to slip over the torch. Makes a huge difference in reducing the water splashing up and helps shield the arc flash.