Any hotkeys in firecontrol

I had a thought about trying something but it would be relying on firecontrol to have hotkey commands. Examples of what i mean are the s key starts the program, p keys to pause, r to reset, ect. Anyone know if such keystrokes exist for various functions?

can you answer this?

I think the space bar pauses.


Page UP in move torch up

Page Down in move torch down

Tab is was the toggle between Jog and continuous

Spacebar is Pause? maybe

I not sure of the others


I did have a super Nintendo style USB gamepad I used at one time . I used the information in this thread to figure it out.


From FireControl user guide:

Keyboard Shortcuts

FireControl has several built-in keyboard shortcuts which make it easier to operate, especially if you have a wireless keyboard that can be used as a pendant for jogging. These shortcuts can be accessed from the FireControl help menu for quick access and they are also listed below.

  • Jog X+: Right Arrow Key
  • Jog X-: Left Arrow Key
  • Jog Y+: Up Arrow Key
  • Jog Y-: Down Arrow Key
  • Jog Z+: Page Up Key
  • Jog Z-: Page Down Key
  • Toggle Nudge Jog: Tab Key
  • Start Program: ALT + R
  • Pause Program: Space Bar
  • Stop Program: ALT + S
  • Zoom in Visualizer: Mouse Scroll Up
  • Zoom out Visualizer: Mouse Scroll Down

Exactly what I was looking for. This forum is so helpful.
Thanks everyone. I appreciate it.


@JDE funny you mention a wireless pendant, its almost exactly what i had in mind. I was thinking a keyboard stripped down to its controller and a few switches for keys just to run a few of the functions, mostly pause and start/resume in case of tip ups. If the rest could be incorporated thatd be a bonus especially during setup.

Actually it was @TinWhisperer who mentioned the pendant. I don’t use one, but lots of folks have been using them.

It would be a nice option being ready made rather then have to configure one.

I have a cheap numeric USB keypad plugged into my laptop…it does all the commands for moving the torch around when setting up my cut…


Some people use a video game controller.

The list that @JDE provided is exactly correct - you can view a list of keyboard shortcuts in FireControl under the “Help” tab.


You can use a keyboard emulator to accomplish this. You can also build a collision detection system to pause when it hits tipups. I have built both of these for use on my table. If you do a search you might be able to see some of the different ones I have made. Makes life a lot easier. Here is a video of one iteration. If you search my videos I may have the pendent on there, don’t remember.


Thanks for heads up. Ill definitely take a look.

This bluetooth keypad works great with my laptop for moving the torch. Page Up and Page Down work for the torch up and torch down. Arrow keys on 2-4-8-6 move the torch around the table.

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X-box controller works fine. I have a free key mapper from Antimicro.


Antimicro is a great stable program.

I prefer the SNES style wireless controller myself .


FINALLY got around to doing this today!!! How cool is that?!?!?

What was I thinking?? Should have done it LONG ago!!



Sooooooo… I updated Firmware(s), FC etc to all the latest versions and, the “TAB key toggles the jog” does not appear to do so. Ideas?