CNC plasma table silicon torch shield (cheap!)

I bought these silicon cups on Amazon, initial test seems positive, I’ll let you know how it holds up!

Stops the Z axis getting splashed and contains the post flow splash up too, also shields the arc and you can easily move it up and down for alignment.


That looks like it works pretty good.

It definetely keeps the splashing down, and it’s still intact after a few hours of work.

this one works good to:


I didn’t have very much luck with mine. The material was so thin at the flex joints that the first one I tried literally broke apart as I was opening it up. The second one waited until I had just gotten it attached to the torch and fell apart then. Mine was total trash.

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so far mine has held up. stays up out of the way when you are setting your start point then just flips down for cutting.


best part is no more sticking Z axis from all the crap getting on the guide rails and rollers…


some how something got stuck between the silicone and the torch and it melted up the handle of the torch. The silicone never changed so I couldn’t even tell it happened until I could see the damage on the other side. Then I took it off. Luckily the torch still functions but it seems dangerous that it trapped that heat against the torch.

I’m leaving mine off from here on out.

this just reminded me i need a new one…

Uh, this one year old thread ‘just’ reminded you that you need a new one? um, ok…

This is an older thread, just checking to see how these things held up and if people are still using them?

They have a tendency to catch tip ups and sometimes catch on fire. They also make it hard to see the torch tip when trying to position the torch.

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Thanks for the reply

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They are still useful however. But leave the funnel flattened. Still prevents water hitting the z axis. Or make a shield