Tool path simulation order

when I simulate the tool path in f360, the order of the cuts is backwards. it simulates the outside cut before the inside cuts. Why would that be?

Probably best to post your F3D file here, without that we are just guessing.

Did you extrude the part and select the body when generating the tool paths or did you select each path individually?

If you selected them individually did you select preserve order?

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how do i upload a file to this reply?

use this button when you hit reply…that is the upload function

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i did that and i cannot find the file. i searched by name and its not coming up

I do not know Fusion at all…I will tag @TinWhisperer …he is a confusion360 master

what do you use?

inscape and sheetcam…and sometimes AUTOCAD…

yes, TinWhisperer will be able to help, thanks

BTW its happening in all of my designs

@72Pony is on the right path

In the 2D profile menu did you individually select all the geometry? Or did you select the geometry from a body by clicking one face in the manufacturing environment?

When selecting by line by line or contour by contour sometimes The preserve order function can get engaged, this may cause of your issue.

Post your f3d and we can take a closer look

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i tried to but can’t find the file on my computer to upload it. i can only see it in f360

You can export a file here

make sure you are saving as a F3D

The important note is that these 3 dots … in the small orange box will bring you to the file you are saving to.

and you may select a different location to save as well.

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widget v1.f3d (122.2 KB)

the toolpaths look ok for setup 5 for the link.

I’ll download and look at the f3d now

it cuts the outside last is all of my files

it is showing it cutting the outside last in the simulator for me.

yea, why is that

if you have this slider left of center(green line) it will run the simulation in reverse when you hit play.