New to forum can i use pencil or pen to draw out pattern

I wanting a crossfire table but will be new at this type cnc machine question i am asking can i use a pencil or pen instead of the cutter make drawing on carboard i am 74 and make a lot of mistakes i been welding and cutting for 50 years old style i have a machine shop i can make holder for pen Thanks

Hey Bill and welcome to the Forums here… Glad to have you…!!

As a matter of fact, this very thought has been brought up a few times before… It sounds to me like some guys are doing just what you propose in your question above… Here’s a couple of links that will take you to a little more information…

If you do a search on the forum here for the word “Sharpie”, you’ll find a little more than what I’ve listed here…

I’d give Youtube a go at this subject as well… You never know what you can find there!

Happy Reading… Bill P.


i actually found a sharpie holder on the free sites for 3d printer patterns…had a friend make it and i often draw out a complex pattern out on the metal before I cut it

i bought this recently although i haven’t used it yet. yeah a lil pricey but i don’t have a 3d printer.