Using LS Pro to draw

as odd as it sounds I would like to be able to draw using the Pro.
what I mean is mounting a pen/marker to the torch mount then having the Pro draw out the design instead of cutting it.
I presently have the LS Pro with THC…and would love to draw full size mock-ups of what I am planing to cut out of metal…use the table as a plotter

anyone have any ideas?

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I am going to do the same thing. I want to draw a part and test fit before burning it out of steel. Fail fast/Fail cheap. I saw a thread about using a scribe. I am going to try the settings they figured out. plate marker

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I hand built this magnetic torch holder last weekend the front of it holds a sharpie.


That is sweet…really nice work.
How does it work with the sharpie?

Haven’t tried it yet. I’m still screwing around with my setup. Hopefully I will do my first cuts tomorrow. Then I’ll play with the sharpie. I paint it earlier today.


You must have one serious shop to do that. I am new to cnc…just building my shop for a retirement project…
Cool splash guard for the machine torch.

I only have 19’x 23’ garage. This is my first cnc as well. I have a small manual mill that I do all the machining on. Other than that it’s all by hand. I’m also trying to build something up for retirement. I know I won’t be able to sit still!


@custommetalmke Very nice mill work. I may need some tips from you on how to fit everything in a small building. I’ve run out of room in a 24x24, and two of the machines aren’t even in there yet, let alone the cars.

@toolboy It should work just fine. I’ve mounted a marker with packing tape to all of my home-built router CNC machines to test them right after completion. I did it with one of my CO2 lasers too when I was rebuilding it. It’s a good way to tell whether your hardware/software parameters are correct (e.g., steps per mm, backlash settings; however the Pro shouldn’t need such a deep dive into the settings). Just remember that the marker is offset from the head and don’t freak out when you run the plasma and it looks like it’s way off. :smiley: Also remember not to use any z-height commands.

@custommetalmke That’s the silicone measuring cup right? Would you mind sharing where to buy it, I didn’t bookmark that thread.

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Sure thing, small space is my specialty. Here’s the link to the funnels.

I have same interests. Would like to have bend lines on my cut out part to facilitate bending to tig weld complicated cut out brackets in 1/8- 3/16 Sheet metal