Just bought a Crossfire Pro, what should I start studyiing?

I just bought a Crossfire Pro with THC, it is my first time using anything CNC. With a 5-7 week backorder I have some time to learn about how to use the machine. With zero experience in plasma tables or CNC I know there is going to be a learning curve and I thought I would reach out to the forum and ask for some recommendations on where to start, any good videos about how to use the software? I’m mechanically inclined so I don’t expect any assembly issues but I know I will need to bone up on how to use the software. Thanks in advance!

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Decide what cad cam software you plan to use and start now. I started with fusion 360 liked it. But I don’t use it because it isn’t a standalone program. I do some of my cad work while at work no internet.

If you are going to design your own pieces, definitely start learning CAD.
I also like Fusion 360. One of the coolest features is being able to import a picture of a template you’ve made, and F360 will convert that to a sketch very easily. This AM Custom Fab guy has a video showing how to import/convert.

AM Custom fab - YouTube

The free, non-commercial F360 membership is plenty for the average user. It does restrict the number of saved files you can have, but that is a small thing for me. And as said, not stand alone, so you need internet connection.

Start reading all the threads about issues with FireControl. A lot of people (me too) have struggled with signal interferences, lack of grounding, torch won’t fire, software freezes up, torch… Depending on the age of your laptop, you may have to use an earlier version as opposed to the most recent release of the software. My 5yr old Dell with Win 10 needs the 2nd most recent release to work.

Study up on your plasma cutter. Make sure you have a cut table for settings with various metals.

Make sure your air supply is capable of delivering a continuous, dry supply of at least 80psi. Others might recommend even more pressure.

Think about whether you will want your table to be on casters, on a rolling cart, etc. I built a frame with caster and a shelf under for the cutter and a water tank with pump.

Water management: will you regularly drain or leave full; purchase rust/algae inhibitor or mix it up yourself (there’s a recipe on this site).


If internet connection isn’t an issue, would you recommend the Fusion 360? I’ve watched a couple of videos on it so far and it seems like it works well and might not be too confusing. If not Fusion 360 which other programs should I be considering? Keep in mind that I’m an infant to CAD/CAM/CNC and genuinely don’t know the programs even by name outside of what comes with Crossfire. Thanks again for the help!

The hobbyist version of fusion is free. Give it a try you will have to use it or sheetcam to do cam work. I use sheetcam for cam inkscape and the program for my vinyl plotter for artwork then qcad for dimensional stuff. 360 will be a learning curve for sure. It has capabilities to do 3d work which really isn’t necessary for 0lasma

I am definitely going to be designing my own pieces, I have a lot of projects I would like to build and they will require a substantial amount of custom pieces. Being able to import a picture and convert it is a benefit I would consider indispensable.

On grounding, is that because of the work clamp and torch spiking voltage into the system? If so is it possible to isolate the torch or the operating system?

I am using a new Primeweld Cut60, and I think a lot of people are using that torch with this table. Hopefully I can find a good chart for settings so I don’t have to cook too much material writing a table of my own but I suspect I will in the end either way.

I’m running a 5HP 60 gallon compressor, I think it will meet the air requirements without any trouble but I do not currently have a good air drying system in place so I guess that’s on the menu now.

I will be building a lower shelf and putting the table on casters, I saw a video where someone dug up some really slick inserts from McMaster Carr that slip right in and then you can just screw a caster right in to it.

I plan to leave the table full, are there good additives out there that will make that possible or should I just start with a draining and refilling system?

What is the functional difference between CAD/CAM?

Cad is drawing cam produces your g codes for the table to run by

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Excellent thanks, I just found a video by Lars Christensen on Fusion 360, going to go watch it. Is Fusion 360 CAM? If not what CAM software would you recommend looking at?

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Dry air a must. Your computer and control box will have to be isolated.


Fusion does both

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Sounds like Fusion is a good place to start.

Give it a go. It isn’t as bad as some say take your time don’t get frustrated. If you don’t like it there is other options.

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Oh yeah look up tin whisper on here he knows fusion well. Has done a few videos that go along with langmuir tables


I ordered some better couplings for the X & Y axis and the parts to be able to drain so I can move the table when I want to do a longer piece & need to do indexing. I also ordered a bunch of ferrite beads to put on all the various cables to reduce RF noise potential

I tried 360 and didn’t care for it, so I use librecad (free) and sheet cam ($150ish)

Watch the Langmuir assembly videos and be patient during assembly, get everything as perfectly square as you can manage.

I read through a lot of the problem threads on this forum and got up & running first try.

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I also have the PW Cut60. Great machine! However, you may not be aware but it was removed from Langmuir’s “approved cutter” list. Why? Some people supposedly had trouble with too much variation in the voltage exiting the CNC port that comes on the machine. The result was a need to open the cutter up and wire directly to the controller (raw voltage) and use the small voltage divider box form Langmuir.

I spoke with PW and received the following feedback: it was a very few reported instances; they said they advised to use the port; but, I was free to do whichever and there would be no impact to my 3yr warranty if I chose to wire directly to the control board. I wired directly to the board:

Me personally, I like Fusion for both CAD and CAM. There are a few tricks to learn, like giving F360 you cutter info and registering the correct Firecontrol driver.

I have a 5hp 60 gal and on the small jobs I do, it seems fine.

Grounding, I use a magnetic welding grnd attached directly to work whenever possible.

I bought additive (about $180/5gal) but others on here mix their own.

Your C60 manual should have a cut chart in it. If not, email and they will send you a pdf version of the manual.

I added a pic to show my rolling table and water mngmt (farm spray tank, gravity drain, I connect a battery charger to fill). Levelling casters. I wish I had gone a bit larger on those. They are susceptible to small crap on the floor when rolling.

Pics right after I finished my setup.

I used PEX with the quick connect and flex fittings. It was a little more expensive, but I knew a day would come I’d be glad I did.


FUSION360 & INKSCAPE​:+1::+1::+1::+1:
FUSION360 sheetmetal area!:+1:

I tend to start my work flow in INKSCAPE with a 2D sketch
Then off to FUSION360 to model it further or extrude into 3D


I did look into the compatibility with the Cut60, from what I read on Langmuir’s website the issue is the pre-2021 machines didn’t have blowback pilot arc ignition, but 2021 and newer machines do have it. I know my machine was built in 2022 and has the blowback pilot arc and it’s listed as good to go on the Langmuir site now. Also on the Cut60 I emailed Gene at Primeweld and asked if they had machine torches for the Cut60 and he said they do but they won’t be back in stock for two weeks so I’ll be ordering a machine torch for it as well. I like the spray tank idea and I have a bunch of Sharkbite PEX stuff laying around the shop so that’s probably on the menu for me too. I will definitely buy plasma juice, it looks like most people here use the Green Cut or the Plasma Green. I like the expanded metal shelf you have, and large casters are going on order as soon as I have a thread pitch for those legs. Lots of good info here everyone! Thank you very much I know it’s going to really help smooth out the learning curve for me!

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All PW Cut 60 machines are blow back start. According to primeweld the only difference between the 2021 model and the 2022 model is they added some insulation and changed the location of the CNC port.

I have heard people are having good luck with the upgraded models but per my conversation with PW there were no functional changes between the two models.

I wasn’t aware Langmuir changed the status of the 2022 Cut 60. I’ll have to check it out. The last PSA the sent out they still weren’t giving them a full recommendation.

Yeah, mine is an older version. If the C60 is back on the approved list, that’s good news. Mine has been a good machine.