Hypertherm Powermax 65 setup

I just received my 2nd box from Langmuir. I have a Hypertherm Powermax 65 cutter and need to find out how to hook it up. Don’t refer me to the Langmuir setup procedures. Do I need the Hypertherm 65 CPC port kit or what to use it on the Pro?

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Do you have the machine torch and does your PM65 already have a CPC port?
If yes, you need the CPC cable and hook it up using the Langmuir instructions and the pinout information in your Hypertherm manual.

If not, you’ll have to open up the PM case and do some direct wiring to defeat the hand torch safety. There are a couple of threads on the forum that cover the 45xp, which is basically the same procedure.

There is a hole and a plug for the CPC port. I only plan on using the hand torch at this time. I was thinking about getting the CPC port kit and the CPC cable. I don’t want to do any direct wiring mods yet.

The CPC port as configured by Hypertherm only works with the machine torch (see Jim Colt’s post in the second link).
If you’re going to use the hand torch, you’ll have to modify the CPC wiring or the Torch direct wiring to defeat the safety.

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Here are the other relevant threads:

Looking for the info and pics.

I have a Hypertherm Powermax 65 with CPC port and the Langmuir Systems THC system, but can’t find instructions on plugging it in. What ports do the 2 CPC cables go to on the THC black box? Also, which wire goes from the table to the THC box? I need a clear picture and instructions on how the black box works and what the port initials stand for.

It will go from your hypertherm 65 (with the optionally purchased hypertherm CPC cable) to the divided input Div in on the VIM (voltage input module the small black box).
Then from the VIM DVI out to the electronics enclosure.

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I just spliced into the trigger wires coming from the handheld torch and added a 2 pin female plug onto the machine

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