Cpc and powermax 65

So I decided to go all in for the crossfire pro even without any plasma cnc experience. I own a powermax 65 without a cpc and use 15° handheld torch, I’ve seen some writeups on wiring it up, what do you guys recommend? Also what are the advantages to using the cpc and would it be worth it to get it without me buying a machine torch? Also would I need the
Hypertherm 25ft CNC Machine Interface Cable W/Voltage Divider (228350) or can I do without it.


I’m in the same boat, but still trying to decide between the 45XP and the 65. This is what I’ve been told so far:

  • You can buy the CPC upgrade from a Hypertherm dealer for about $100 and install it yourself.
  • The CPC port is made for use with a machine torch. It will make wiring to the table significantly easier, but you’d still have to hack into your hand torch if you don’t also get a machine torch. (Something about the CPC unlocking pins, or the machine torch pins are already unlocked but it won’t work without the CPC installed, I’m not clear on that either.)
  • I don’t think the pendant (228350) is required if you purchased the THC, because the THC comes with a voltage divider. I do think you need the pendant if you didn’t add the THC to your order.
  • Hypertherm has a trade-in deal for around $85 credit to buy a Duramax torch, if you happen to have a torch handy that you’d like to get rid of. Ask your dealer, that’s all I know about it, I did manage to find the form online by searching endlessly.

Clear as mud? Yeah, I think so too, and I have about a week to decide in order to get a good discount.
Good luck.

Edit: To prove how confused I am, I just realized that the cable and the pendant are not the same thing. My previous research indicated that the pendant will not be needed, regardless. The cable can be built yourself for less, and there’s a thread around here with part numbers on it. The voltage divider is built into the machines (I assume on the CPC port board because you can add it after the fact, and the Hypertherm manual says the voltage divider is optional. The new THC documentation posted talks about the voltage divider that LS included with the THC, and how to install on a non-Razorweld machine, maybe that will help.)

Nice, and thanks for the info, I would have probably gone for the 45xp, I got my 65 for $1500 used so it was a no brainer, guess it all depends on what thickness you really gonna need it for.
Do you have a link for the wiring write up and best info on using a hand torch with cpc?


I also have a powermax 30 air and am debating on which one to use for the cnc table. That one doesn’t have an option for the cpc.

Here’s the link for the LS THC guide, the bit about wiring up the plasma takes some scrolling to get to. https://www.langmuirsystems.com/thc/guide

I can’t find the hand torch thread right now (I’m at work), but it’s in the main forum somewhere, I think the title has hypertherm 45xp in it. The user did an extensive write up on it.

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i also have the 30Air, im assuming i can just wire into raw voltage and itll work, since the machine doesnt have a voltage divider.