Hypertherm 45xp wiring for hand torch

I have a brand new hypertherm powermax 45 with a hand torch non-CPC port machine, I have the table entirely assembled and ready to wire the plasma cutter up and in addition to the THC, I purchased with the table. All the instructions up to this point have been very detailed up until this point. After reading through the many threads on this topic from what I have gathered is this:

  •      I will have to splice into the different pins (violet and orange I believe) on the hand torch
  •      Hook up the positive/negative lugs for raw voltage

I really would like not to have to start splicing wires and removing pins on a brand new machine just to avoid and issues with warranty, but if the only other option is to have an machine with a CPC port than I really have no other choice.

You could just get their CPC kit. CPC kit

But then I would have to get the machine torch as well? Or splice Into the hand torch pins?

You will have to tap into the hand torch. There is also a safety feature built into the hand torch that you’ll have to defeat, i forget what it is exactly. People have done it though.