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Having some issues with Dross and was looking for some tips. I’m cutting 16 gauge steel.
My pierce delay is .7, pierce height .15, cut height .05
THC is turned off.
I’m using the RazorWeld 45.
I have the PTM60 machine torch
I’m using the 30A Nozzle and machine is set to 30A.

It seems no matter what I do with my IPM I can’t get rid of the dross on the backside.

This shows the 3 different speeds I tried 70, 85, 100. I also tried 120IPM but it didn’t fully cut through the steel.

I then changed consumables and tried 90IPM, consumables didn’t look bad

On that last run with new consumables this zig zag kind of thing happened too, any idea what this is about? Haven’t had it before

Any help would be appreciated I feel like I’m just hitting my head on the wall trying to fix this

All of the ipm numbers you tried look to slow for clean cuts, I have a different plasma cutter though so I am probably wrong.

Are you using smart voltage to control the THC? I tried leaving smart voltage enabled on 16 gauge and the torch would rise as I increased ipm. Ended up with some incomplete cuts. I put a hood on and watched it cutting, I could actually see the arc length increase as the cut progressed.

Now I disable smart voltage and set the nominal voltage myself. I am still dialing in exactly what value gives the best quality, but 16 gauge at 40amps, 210ipm, 95v is pretty dross free. I have an Everlast 52i, not sure what voltage would be good on a Razorweld. I know Hypertherm provided voltage info in their cut charts.

I would see if you can find the recommended ipm amps and voltage for cutting 16 gauge with the Razorweld and disable smart voltage. I see several cut charts for razorweld on this forum, the first few I checked did not include cutting voltage though.

I only upgraded to Pro with THC about a month ago. So far my experience has been 12 gauge with smart voltage worked great. 16 gauge was ok, much better without smart voltage though.

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Yea I forgot to mention that, I have the THC turned off so it’s just staying at .05 cut height, I thought I had read it was better to not use THC on 16 gauge. I was going to try using it and setting my own voltage but couldn’t find voltage charts for the RazorWeld.

I tried a 120IPM cut and it didn’t fully cut through the metal, that’s why you don’t see any faster cut examples

Picture of how the torch is mounted.

What is your air pressure?

Are you sure your torch height is really .050, did you check it?

Excessive Dross Formation

a. Cutting speed too slow

b. Torch standoff too high from work piece

c. Worn torch parts

d. Improper cutting current

e. Air pressure to low


Increase your air pressure to 70 psi at torch, you will be surprised no dross.

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On those thin bits in the middle of the piece you’re going to have some problems with thermal bridging almost always. the only way I find I minimize it is going super fast. On the outer edges and some of the thicker bits those suggestions that others listed above should clean that up.

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It your using sheetcam you can have it cut those small sections ever other cut to help
some thermal bridging


Ok finally got a chance to check this stuff:

Here’s my torch mount, the black part isn’t clamped, and I think it’s pretty square as I’m not getting an angular bevel on a specific side, although I’ll get a bevel if I go too fast with IPM because it won’t really fully penetrate around 120IPM

Air Pressure - My air pressure at source is 140, cycles on at 90. My pump is plenty of CFM, will refill tank no problem while plasma is cutting. Air is dry, no moisture. Checking gauge at plasma machine it shows 75Psi roughly

Torch Height- I turned off plasma, started a job, paused midway to measure height. It’s set at .05” I have a .065” shim and it won’t fit under the tip, I can’t say 100% it’s at .05, but it’s definitely .06” or less

It does it with new or used consumables.

So from that it tells me it’s either my current or my IPM. My current is 30A through the PTM60 30A consumables.

My IPM doesn’t seem to change anything majorly, and I also can’t cut at 120IPM like suggested on the RazorWeld cut chart we have in the forum, although I know that’s for the factory torch.

I’m actually just starting sheetcam but that sounds like a useful feature I’ll keep in mind

I use same torch with a Primecut 60 with 30amp consumables I run it at 35 amps and 120ipm 65psi while cutting.

The zig zag lines can be results of cutting to slow. As material is blown away the arc starts seeking out metal to cut in the same way a spark of electricity would.

So I just watched the plasma while it is cutting, psi on the gauge is dropping down to 55-60 psi. At idle when not cutting it jumps right back to 75psi.

Not sure if that’s normal or maybe my issue

Do you have a long run to compressor? Could be just drop in line pressure. Crank up the air pressure.
Mine drops 5psi but my compressor is 2 ft from my cutter.

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Ok just installed a gauge at rear of plasma. Got a solid supply of 100+ psi, when plasma kicks in it goes down by maybe 1 psi but the gauge on the plasma is still showing a 20psi drop to ~55 psi.

Should I crank the RazorWeld up so it’s cutting at 70 psi rather than idling there?

ya. You need to get pressure up.

also make sure your swirl ring is in correctly. As far as direction of small holes in it.

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Which way is correct way for the ring? Also gonna tear into this thing and get that pressure up then report back

see link above

Ok yes my swirl ring was like the picture, clockwise