Bar sink drain dimple die

I should be able to get them out to you tomorrow. The shipping box is starting to look pretty bad, but all of the signatures in the box can’t be replaced. I’m going to look at a USPSs flat rate box to see if the box will fit into one of theirs… I tried the 10 dollar bar sink drain and am finding out that I may need to add a rubber stopper.

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Should’ve said " I tried the Menards bar sink drain, but there isn’t enough water pressure on the stopper to keep it from leaking"

Lets see some pics of the box… those things have to have some serious miles on them by now. :+1:


Great feedback on the drain stopper. Was planing to use a hole saw to enlarge the holes. I need to turn a pilot hole spacer my mag drill has bit the dust.
Totally agree on saving the post marks. Seems to be so great history there. Btw what additives are you using in the water? I tried the home brew with sodium titrite but still get more rust than would like.

@72Pony you got it! Will do when received.

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I just clamped a 1x6(wood) to the pan with some welding clamps and used it as a guide. Worked well for me. Maybe not as fun as turning a spacer but it was fast and effective.

This is probably one of the most complete, recent discussions on this topic:

You can read it but the conclusion is basically:

  1. Use a good product like Sterling Cool or plasma Green ($150 for 5 gallons that will make about 75 gallons or more of table strength fluid)
  2. Cheap skates using Borax, 1/2 cup per table fill.
  3. Really cheap skates: use plain water and ignore the rust. The vinegar bath will remove the rust and mill scale from your piece of metal you want.

Edit: Note that many, such as myself that follows Option #2, empty the table after each use or keep adding product. You would not want your table just sitting and filled with just plain water. There might be all sorts of toxic stuff growing in that water and a cut or scratch from the metal or inhaling the vapor atomizing from the plasma steam and spray could be all sorts of unhealthiness.

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The post marks are covered, so I just took pictures of the comments. I just been adding some soap to my water because my table has been neglected and had slag build up, to the point I had to use a scraper blade on my sawzall to get the slag off. I ordered the Sterling cool but after reading all of the warning, I haven’t put it in the tank yet. Is it as caustic as it sounds? After the cut the air stays on for a bit, so the air blows the water and splashes out. Is that a concern I should worry about with the product ? The dimple die set I received had a die that will fit in the old/original drain hole and allow you to put that on the hole saw to center it. On a side note, I went back to Menards and got two rubber stoppers that fit the drain, so I’ve got those installed with buckets underneath to test for leaks in the morning.


That is great!

I am glad people did NOT start including an old license plate as they mailed the package along.


HA! The Shiner Bock inserts from Texas are still intact…… :wink:



Others have said that they are impressed that “our group” will do something like this to help others out. This certainly helped me out , and thanks especially to the person that made them available !!

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I mis-spoke I ordered a powder off of Amazon that is for radiator and plasma tables, that sounds so caustic that if I open the package in Ohio, I’ll cause birth defects in California. I’ll have to look at the Sterling Cool and the plasma Green instead.

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What kind of mag drill do you have? I want one, but need to justify to myself before getting one. I’ve looked at the high and low end ones. Any brand you would recommend ?

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It’s an old rotobroach brand had a good reputation. Mine was a CL buy. I bought it mainly for the cutters that’s where the $ is in this tool.

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Hi, I have just bought the pro and this forum is great for tips and tricks. i’m assembling my table and would like to get that dimpler to use on my drain system. That is a great upgrade.
Does anybody know who has it now? Cheers.

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I believe it’s headed my way but haven’t received it yet.

Thats great. I didn’t actually think I would find it. Its the perfect tool.
Great forum.

Just tracked it, should coming to you shortly - enjoy !

Just got the dies! @gpinnow what style drain did you end up using? @Barrybudd welcome I should be through with the die this weekend. Send me your mailing address.

I used these, but went back and got the rubber stoppers, so I was sure the drain wouldn’t leak.

I wonder if these wouldn’t be better:

I put some grease on the dies to make it easier to form the dimple. I used the standard plumbers putty between the drainer and the table, but you could probably use silicone as long as the table was really dry. ( but I also used brake clean on the table to clean the grease off.

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