Bar sink drain dimple die

Decided to run bar sink drains on my Pro so I turned a set of dies. Worked out slick. Anyways if anyone would like to use them I’ll be happy to mail them to you. You can mail them off to someone else after that.


message sent

Excellent work! Suggest you ink in with this thread and spreadsheet as I can see many wanting this!

Did you use the table to cut the hole size bigger too?

Pan Drain Dimple Die Mod 2 - CrossFire ® PRO / Assembly - Langmuir Systems Forum

No, haven’t had success cutting much of anything on the table but that’s an another story. It does however drain really well. :grinning:

I just clamped the water tanks to a 2"X4", marked center of the original hole and cut it out with a hole saw. Super easy, took 5mins.

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Will get my table delivered in about 7 weeks but trying to get ahead on parts and pieces - what is the model/manufacturer of the drain that your die fits? Thanks!

I just used the cheapest stainless steel drains Menards had.


how do i get on the list?
thanks for any advice

There’s no formal list. Just PM Tooltime. I mailed the dies to him a while back.

I received the dies and have ordered the same drains which should be here next week. Once they arrive and I use the dies, I will let the list know they are available so I can send them onto the next person.

*I wanted to wait for the drains to arrive to cut a test piece and make sure it fits before actually cutting the pans.

Oh, wow, I guess I should have searched this forum better. This is exactly where I’m at and what I’m looking for!! Bar sink drain tank and all plumbing installed. Who, where, how can I get in the mix. Would really like to do before dirtying and making a mess and having to disassemble after the fact.

Many thanks!

A few PMs sent. Where are the dies? Looks like you have/last had tool time? These are awesome that nortgonscustoms made. Let’s put them to use and get them passed around if you’re not ready. pretty please

First off, appoligies to everyone who has been waiting for the dies. Unfortunately I became quite sick right after receiving them and only today was I able to use them. They worked perfectly.

They are boxed up and ready to ship to the next person. As far as I can tell from my messages 3535 is next in line so I will give him some time to message me an address to ship them off to. If I don’t hear back in the next day or two, I will simply send them to the next person who messages me with shipping details.

BTW - no shipping charges as I was sent them for no charge and will return the favor to the next person.

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PM’d you. Thx.

3535 is next. Received the address and will ship tomorrow, providing him a tracking number. Sorry for the delay and thanks for the patience.

Tooltime, glad to hear you’re feeling better and the dies worked well for you!

Shipped and tracking number provided to 3535.

I used the same drains from Menards that NortonCustoms linked to and they worked perfectly.

Thank you again NortonCustoms and once again I appologize for the delay in getting them passed along.

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I would be interested in using the die’s next please.

@mnicolia Dies will go to @72Pony , who reached out this morning, after I get and use (hopefully this weekend). Suggest you two connect.

I will message you when I get a tracking number/timeframe on when I will be sending them your way and you can PM me with your address.

thank you very much, I’ll be watching for you PM