Bar sink drain dimple die

i got the cheap amazon one linked way back. the stopper doesnt clog the hole… not even close… so you cant plug the drain from… well draining… lol

first i saw with an address. ill get it out to you today. (apologies if theres anyone else on the list i didnt see! looks like we have multiple dies though so everyone should be getting them quick!!)

tracking 9534 6147 1483 3142 1456 94 est arrival 5/26 (usps)

Could I get added to the list. The High School I teach at just got an XR and I think this would be a great modification. 101 1st Ave NE, Deer River MN 56636

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@Gmoon you should have those now, can you confirm you got them delivered???

All they will be on their way to Eric Olsen tomorrow… I also included a plug I spun up the help center the hole saw to the existing hole… it goes in the hole saw…