Bar sink drain dimple die

i got the cheap amazon one linked way back. the stopper doesnt clog the hole… not even close… so you cant plug the drain from… well draining… lol

first i saw with an address. ill get it out to you today. (apologies if theres anyone else on the list i didnt see! looks like we have multiple dies though so everyone should be getting them quick!!)

tracking 9534 6147 1483 3142 1456 94 est arrival 5/26 (usps)

Could I get added to the list. The High School I teach at just got an XR and I think this would be a great modification. 101 1st Ave NE, Deer River MN 56636

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@Gmoon you should have those now, can you confirm you got them delivered???

All they will be on their way to Eric Olsen tomorrow… I also included a plug I spun up the help center the hole saw to the existing hole… it goes in the hole saw…

Good evening everyone. Could I get added to the list to use this die. Thanks Chris.

Greetings- could I get on this list please ? Thank you in advance.

What is your email? I have the dies ready to send out to next person.

Hi David,
My email is

Thanks Chris

Good After noon! May I please get on the list as well?
Email is:

I purchased a Crossfire pro and would like to use your dimple die for the bar sink drain, If you are still doing that.

Thank you,

I will be sending the die set out to ccrawf in the next couple of days.

Hi folks got My Crossfire pro up and cutting well. And would like to use the Die set next.

I believe the list is
If no others on the list @Accessrobbie please send them on to
13535 Forest Pl
Hughesville, MD 20637

I will keep track of anyone else looking to use them.

Anyone know where the dies are now? I know its been some time since this thread was updated but hopping they are still availible.

I think they are coming me possibly

Chris can you verify that ? I haven’t received anything yet

Chris- got them today- was sent out of town last night…

I am done with the dies- They worked great !! If there is a list of who gets them next, please email your shipping address to Thanks in advance

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Not sure where the list is but sent my address to you.