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A place to share with others how to wire your specific plasma cutter to the LS-THC VIM module for Raw or Divided Voltage input. Helpful guides will be ‘stickied’ to the top of this thread for easy access. Please refer to the Langmuir Systems LS-THC User Guide for proper installation instructions.

Bummer. Wired up my adapter cable for my Hypertherm yesterday & would have taken pictures.

I made my own CPC cable back last year so I wired that one to pins 3 & 4 and added the new one for the DIV signal to pins 5 & 6. On the HT these are the next two pins to the left of pin 4 on the second row of pins.

With pins 3 & 4 for the trigger wires order didn’t matter but it does for the DIV signal. The THC Guide has them identified correctly. Just need to double check to prevent mistakes :slightly_smiling_face:

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The Razorweld 45 Crossfire CNC Compatible comes with ports already built in. And I understand all the newer models come with the X45 torch as well. Was a nice surprise :slight_smile: when opening the box. Still waiting on my Pro table though… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Jim, Did you order the connectors and wires off Amazon to build your CPC cable for Hypertherm? I just ordered the HP 45XP and found L.S. is out of stock on the Hypertherm CPC cables.

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Yes. Worked like a charm.

Did you need the links?

links would be great. sorry for butting in but I’m also building the cable.

Yes Please! LS is out of stock for them.

Okay, looks like I was wrong - it wasn’t Amazon, it was Allied. I wired the HT for the CPC port back with my original Crossfire and then used the same cable I made then to get the Pro working. That’s what the 2nd post in this thread was referring to. The pinouts there are what need to be used.

I made my cable based on this thread way back for the Crossfire when I switched from my RW45 to the HT with machine torch.

I didn’t get the pinout tool because I had one but ultimately couldn’t track it down so used a small screwdriver to compress the tabs on the pins to get them in (& later out as well), a little harder than using the tool but still pretty easy.

This post has the pinouts you’ll need for the Pro.

This one has all the parts links in one place:

This shows which wires from Langmuir’s VIM connector cable go to which CPC pinouts.

@ntkfabworks original post is what started us all on making our own CPC cables. @bricklef’s post was a consolidated update of that one. I have a machine torch with my HT and needed the CPC port cable back with the original Crossfire because HT won’t fire the machine torch without one. Then I opened it up to add the wires from the short VIM interface cable you’ve got with your Pro. So coming out of the plastic CPC port connector shell you’ll have 2 sets of wires - one set that goes to the long trigger control cable and one short one that goes to the VIM box that you’ll mount on the side of your HT. I have them ziptied for the first 8 or 10 inches and then they split off near the VIM box.

Honestly, it’s 10 or 15 minutes work and you don’t even need a soldering iron as you can just crimp the pins. I think I soldered mine but only because I usually do, I don’t recall for sure now :slight_smile:

Any advice on connecting the VIM to my Herocut 55i cutter?
It has a 2-prong “Arc Voltage Output” that says “Pin 1+, Pin2-, Ratio 1:1”

I assume that means Pin 1 is +ve, Pin 2 -ve but the divider ratio is 1:1? not 50:1 as seems to say in the Langmuir Instructions.

So what does that mean for me? Not able to use the Arc Voltage Output plug & will have to go with the “Raw Voltage” wiring instructions?