NTK FabWorks table setup with drain tank and Hypertherm wiring explained

I think you actually need this one that is size 17:

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Not a problem man. Post is edited!

How many gallons does the water table hold if it is filled to the brim?

According to an online calculator I use, 27.75" x 33.75" x 2" equates to 8.11 gallons. I made the tank larger so as water evaporates, I wont have to refill it as often

I got my 45xp with the 15° torch set up today and luckily I didnt have to extend the purple wire there was plenty there to move it to the other port. Did everything like you post and it works great, thanks for sharing the info and part sources!!

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Nice Tig Finger did you get that from Jody at The Weldmonger Store https://weldmongerstore.com/


Ya buddy! Glad to help, keeps others from wasting as much time as I did.


Yessir. Jody sells a quality product, that’s not some China made garbage.


Im confused. What is the point of the zip tie on the trigger if you are moving the 6 to 8 terminal.

I am trying to figure out a way to do this so I can use my torch for both cnc and also by hand.

The trigger is a switch, a switch interrupts/connects a wired connection. Switching the wire in the connector “tells” the machine that a machine torch is attached, which doesn’t have an interruption in the internal torch wiring(trigger). So by zip tying the trigger, the connection is always made inside the torch, essentially making it a “machine torch”.

Clear as mud?

So if I get a 45xp with the cpc port and a machine torch will I still have to do any of this or tap into any wires or will I be able to just plug it right in and run it on my table?

Only thing you will need is a cpc cable to plug the torch firing wires to your plasma machine. If you plan to have your machine right next to your control box, you really just need the connector and pins(and tool) and put them right on the wire included with the crossfire, they’re actually pretty long.

The plasma will know that a machine torch is attached, via the pin locations in your plug.

Awesome! Thanks for the reply. That makes complete sense.

hi, i just purchased an xp 45 with cpc port and cpc cable with my machine. Which wires do i connect to the Langmuir table? I think its the green and black acording to the Hypertherm book? Any info would be great.thanks

3 & 4 on the CPC port.

3 is the furthest to the left on the top row and 4 is the furthest to the right on the second row (when facing it mounted in the CPC socket).

I found the cable on allicdata

The words “switch battery life” are interpreted as on and off. It also refers to an electronic component that can open a circuit, interrupt a current, or cause it to flow to other circuits. The most common switch is an electromechanical device that operates, with one or several electronic contacts. The “closed” contact indicates that the electronic contact is conducting, allowing current to flow; the “open” of the switch indicates that the electronic contact is not conducting to form an open circuit, and no current is allowed to flow.

Great post, two questions:

  1. Do the 75° and 15° torches use the same consumables?

  2. Does the 45xp package that comes with the 75° and Machine Torch only remove your step of moving the pin in the torch handle?


  1. Yes. Pretty much all the duramax torches use the same consumables, only the nozzles change. With nozzle changes, comes shield cup changes. Gouging and marking tips all interchange as well.

  2. Yes. Because it’s actually the machine torch, there’s no trigger.

Ok thanks for the quick response. Hypertherm’s literature that noted the 15º use toward gouging had me worried that It may use different consumables.