Z Axis + THC Upgrade Kit for CrossFire Now Available

We’re excited to announce that the much awaited upgrade kit for Gen 1 CrossFire Machines is now available for sale on the website. This kit comes with the following items:

  • GEN 2 CROSSFIRE ELECTRONICS (Gen 2 Enclosure, Gen 2 Motion Control Board compatible with FireControl )
  • THC KIT (THC, VIM, and accessories- a $400 Value )
  • Z AXIS ASSEMBLY (Powered Z Axis with IHS)

We unfortunately only have a limited quantity of these upgrade kits available. Because of that, we have decided to initially limit the advertising of this product strictly to this forum so that our valued forum members have the best opportunity to purchase one. Additionally, we are only offering upgrade kits to Gen1 CrossFire owners at this time. The upgrade kit for Gen 2 CrossFires will be available at a later date. We felt it was only fair to prioritize Gen1 owners since they have been patiently waiting the longest for this to come out.



well done gentlemen…well done.


I love that you are only advertising it on the Forum for now. Seen a many here wanting the kit. Now if the next give away could be Forum only that would be so cool. If not thats cool to i guess.

That’s just super! Great news for Gen1 folks.


You’re going to have a number of very happy forum members.

Nicely done gang!!! Of course, JUST after I purchased the PRO… LOL

Just couldn’t wait anymore!!!

It’s all cool with me tho… I’m pretty sure I’ll be happier with the bigger table and such!! No regrets whatsoever!! Good news regardless!

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Already ordered mine and am looking for the UPS truck! LOL!

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How do I know if I have the Gen 1 or Gen 2? Was so excited I bought the upgrade without reading. Purchased My table in Jan of 2020 if that helps,

thanks anyone who can help!

THANK YOU! You’ve just saved me a whole lot of aggravation. Of course, you’ve brought that ‘whole lot of agrravation’ on yourselves is your problem :slightly_smiling_face:

The only other thing I have to say is 'bout time! NEXT time, be sure of your roll out plan BEFORE you announce something. Ok?

Good for you that you’re including the legacy systems. You guys are truly good guys. Cheers! :beers:

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Based on when you purchased your CrossFire, it definitely sounds like your CrossFire is a Gen1.

For anyone else wondering this, the main difference would be whether your CrossFire is compatible with Mach3 (Gen1) or FireControl (Gen2).

If you’re not sure which software your CrossFire is compatible with, there are cosmetic differences between the control boxes that indicate which software to use. Mach3-compatible Gen1 CrossFire machines have colorful blue, green, red, and yellow markings around the ports on the control box, FireControl-compatible Gen2 CrossFire machines have more simple white and burgundy markings around the ports.

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This is great news. Two days ago I broke down and backordered a Pro because I was beginning to doubt the release of this for the Crossfire. The crossfire XL is really the better machine size for me I just wanted the IHS and THC.

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Thank You Langmuir. I’ve had my Gen 1 with the XL kit for more than a year now and Love it. I just Ordered my Z axis kit and can’t wait. I’m sure I will have questions in the future.

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I was about to order this until I got to the part of, if you have an existing XL kit, which I do. Then it asked what color is it? I purchase the XL kit when they first were made available way back when, does it matter what color is it?

I have ordered the kit but I should have maybe asked this first . I have the CHICAGO ELECTRIC 40 amp cutter & has worked great with my gen1 unit , but will the THC work with this cutter?

I have a 2x2 with Mach 3 although I bought the new software when you offered it. I have yet to install it and learn its use. Life has been very weird. I saw that it asks what software you are running. Is it something I need to install before purchasing this upgrade?

The question relates to what hardware you currently have. Since you have an older system that would require Mach 3, you have a Gen 1 system and would to need to buy the Gen 1 kit, but you will not need to install the old software at this point (unless you want to keep the old hardware, of course).

I have an OG crossfire. This will make thin sheet so much easier to cut! I have a ton of warped 1/8 that I can’t cut. This will fix me up real good!

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