XR reviews, opinions, projects, etc

Everyone that’s got their XRs up and running… share your thoughts, opinions, projects, reviews, problems, anything so far.

man I was really hoping to hear some positive things said… lol

You’re aware that maybe 100 people have their table, and even fewer have assembled it? And probably 2/3 of them aren’t even on here.

True… but quite a few people on here have already posted Fully assembled machines running on this forum and youtube as well as other social media platforms. I was just curious what peoples first impressions were so far. That’s all…

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@mootyfabrication … No worries Clayton… You are not the first to ever wonder about anything like new machines and first impressions… :slight_smile:

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There have been a few posts about the assembly. But I would expect that if there were issues, the board would be on fire. People often don’t bother to report praise but they’re not at all hesitant to scream bloody murder :laughing:


No news is good news I guess :man_shrugging:

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2 years ago, I purchased a Langmuir XL from and individual (new and unassembled) to my dismay the warranty wasn’t transferable, Sad but OK. I made upgrades, S45 to X45, X45 to Machine, and last THC. Soon realizing I’m outgrowing this Table (Pro table released a week after my Purchase). Fast Forward, XR Pre-Order, Wait, Wait, Wait some MORE! FINALLY got my New table. A little Intimidating at First, but well WORTH the effort. I purchased the turn key package w/ RW45, added drains, corner shelf, computer swivel and keypad holder. Long story Shorter, this table “ROCKS”!! Follow The Instructions and you can’t Go Wrong. First cuts 11ga,149 pierces, 34
Table was Flawless, No issues with Razorweld either. Satisfied Customer!! Thank You LANGMUIR !


Awesome to hear. Add some pics of your modifications.

Mod Pics. Langmuir XR
Keyboard holder
Plasma shelf


I haven’t been able to cut much with mine yet due to time and some cutter issues but I’ve had a decent amount of time to check the table over. I did cut a full fire pit file today as part of the last stage of testing and it went flawlessly. I have some slight tweaking to do but its being picky. My thoughts on the table so far. Build is solid whether you consider the price point or not. I’m very impressed with the continued tech and execution that langmuir delivers. As modded above, plan on either adding drain holes to all pans so that the table drains completely or plan on pumping the table out like i plan to do. My solution is just pump into an ibc tote. I have one and its not in my way so the drain solution as what came with the table is fine with me. Some may find this an issue though as 65 gals is more than what you are likely going to want to contend with using 5 gal buckets and don’t expect to get buckets out from under the table because of clearance. Assembly is easy following the instructions. I only needed help (from my wife) to hang the two long side pieces and this could be accomplished by jacks, boards, etc. The all-thread that holds the two gantry end plates together could be problematic for someone by themselves. I kind of got lucky but I highly recommend planning on having someone help out with that just that you’re not fighting anything. Not hard, just have to keep everything aligned while tightening down. Make sure you don’t confuse the x and y2 limit switches. The lengths are different but not a lot different and in my case I had them swapped. This caused some racking issues at first and I only picked up on it because of firecontrol. Luckily no harm and although doable, swapping the y1 or y2 switch out after its assembly and on the rack is tedious. Lots of proper tongue placement was necessary. Assembly took me 3 days in total picking away at it at night. I have some issues with firecontrol occasionally asking me to update my table driver the 1.3 when it is 1.3 but is showing driver 1.1. Not sure whats going on there but I just close firecontrol out and it automatically detects the correct driver the second time. Only issues with packing was some scratches on the long large side piece that is on the very bottom of the long crate. Some padding should be added here as “selefane?” wrap is not enough here for that one piece. Only cosmetic but i know I’m not the only one with that issue. I had some damage to the end of one of my gantry tubes but it ended up being on a part of it that does not affect how the table traverses and was on the very end anyway. Out of sight out of mind now with the tube inserts. There again, ultimately cosmetic. The table does give you a feeling a quality when you touch, listen, and operate it and that feedback is important for anyone but especially folks like me. I absolutely hate when something feels cheap. I don’t care how well it performs. Not that the other tables weren’t quality but this table really feels, sounds, smells, and even taste like quality. In the case of the XR, the value is far beyond the price point and I would expect Langmuir to increase their prices at some point. Not saying this will happen, just my thoughts as someone who appreciates a quality product and company. The homing feature is very nice as well. I have not re-read this so I apologize for the likely errors, confusion, and oversights. If you are considering the table and have the funds. Buy it.


I faced some of the same challenges.

Used a jack on the long sides.

The gantry all thread was challenging. I resorted to using clamps to hold it together while tightening.

I screwed up the limit switches on the gantry. I had Y1 and Y2 swapped. I realized it before I got the water table on. I had to pull the gantry off to fix it. I then had to pull the gantry off again to get the cables routed correctly.

I had a gouge on one of the long side pieces. It was very sharp and I had to file it down making it looks worse.

I ended up having to loosen the long side pieces, after leveling and squaring, in order to get the round rails in the big holes. Kind of wish I had ben able to plan for this possibility before getting there. Maybe have me put those rails together and keep that spacing in mind when tightening the sides to the ends. I had seen in NTD Racing’s youtube video that was a possible issue.

I ruined a shirt with the water table sealant.

I haven’t finished assembly yet.


That keyboard holder is honestly a really good idea. Well done, I’m glad that the XR is serving you well!


Thanks. Question for you. Can the key pad be reprogrammed to change functions?

Unfortunately, I’m not too sure about that one. I’m at our CA facility where the CrossFire and the PRO are made, I don’t have a lot of exposure to the XR quite yet. If you send an email to support@langmuirsystems.com, I can get you in touch with the right guy.

Hi James,
Very nice mods to your table.
Would you please provide the sizes of Greenlee knockouts you used for your dies?
How did you get your recess dimple so smooth?

I am on the wait list with a Batch 2 order, eta ?


Thanks. The knockout is a Greenlee 2". I used a 1 3/4" Ideal carbide cutter to cut the initial hole, any holesaw should work , this is what I had on hand. Once centered, with knockout upside down, tighten down about a turn and half this will create the recess. Loosen and flip the cup, you may have to add washers to take up the shank, re-center in the recess you just made and tighten down till tight. this will flatten the flange. This should allow you to use a Bar sink strainer.
I used Tub drain assemblies turned down to 1 7/8" with my lathe.


Love the table. I had software issues freezing in middle of cuts and kept sending videos to Cameron at Langmuir and they called me saying they figured out the issue that’s when the bulletin for that usb came out. I’m in SC they shipped it from California at 5 pm and it was at my house at 8am the next morning. Then they released that bulletin I was amazed how fast they got that to me. Now I’ve never had that issue again. Table is Awesome no complaints.

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Here’s a simple mod. I just wanted to hide the wires a bit more.



That looks cool, great job!