So who’s going to be first?

Who’s going to be first to have their machine up and running? Can’t wait for user feedback and videos. The suspense is killing me! (I’m in batch #2, #9739)

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We have a winner! @harrisonfaulkner is the first customer that we are aware who has a running CrossFire PRO. Pretty cool to see one in the wild running after many months of hard work.


yeah he beat me to it

We thought it would be you but he came out of nowhere.

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He waited until he was finished to take time out to post photos :wink:

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was his silicone even dry though??? lol

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It’s funny you mention that. I got my last box Wednesday and started building it that night. I was planning on ignoring the silicone cure time, but when faced with installing 20+ self tappers upside down at 1am, I decided it was time for bed. I finished up late Thursday night.

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those self tappers broke my back, thats the reason i stopped until tomorrow

I still have a few left on one of the side gussets. It’ll be fine for now…

Quick question (my box #2 isn’t here yet - next week) about the drain plugs for the water table. Do they have any bevel under the flange or are they flat across the bottom? I’m thinking I’d like to dimple the hole so the top of the flange is flush with the bottom of the tray. That way water will drain completely (on my XL the ridge keeps the last 1/8" or so of water from draining). I can replace the brass plug with a similar bar sink type drain that has a beveled underside and would recess into the dimple so the top is flush. But no need to spend $35 on a pair if the LS supplied plugs will fit flush when inserted into the dimple. :slight_smile: