X axis lead screw chatter and vibrating

I am getting chatter on my X axis lead screw when jogging to the far positive position (upper right corner of table). I have tightened the screw at the end so there is no slop between the screw, washer and bearing as others have recommended. I have also used three in one lubricator. Still having issues. What’s next to work towards resolution?

See YouTube video if issue. Link below

I will try adding another washer but I believe my screw is all the way in.

I get the same or similar behavior but I can confirm that the machine screw that secures the lead screw to the bearing is thoroughly seated. This chatter occurs only along ~10 inches of x axis travel within ~ 18 inches of the right y axis rail.

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I had the same problem put WD-40 on the screw and it stopped vibrating

Going to try this tonight

I thought my screws were seated, they werent seating just the slightest bit. Added the washers and it has been way better since. No noises

i believe there is some “slop” on the lead screws due to them being so long. Somewhere there was a thread that Langmuir confirmed that it was normal.

I think this is the problem. It’s not centered well.


It doesn’t need to be centered it it should not be touching the bracket. Try loosening the nuts and run it along the length of the screw. Tighten it down where it’s not contacting the screw & bracket.

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The lead nut keeps it centered

Sort of. If you line up the black rectangular mounting block with the steel mounting plate the screw may not settle in the center of the flange hole. It’s been true of the Crossfire since the original. Langmuir has said it’s okay if it’s off-center as long as the screw doesn’t hit the sides of the flange hole in its travel. It can be off-center because of the flex of the screw or small deviations in the installation of all of the mounting blocks and rails.

The screw does hit the side near the far right of table. Not so bad to the far left but still real close.

Did you install the correct motor and lead screw bearing mounts to the X gantry tube? I accidently installed the Y bearing mount to the X gantry tube and when i jogged it to end toward the bearing mount, it would bind and stop about 1 inch from the end. Found out i installed the wrong bearing mount. I swapped both mounts and worked fine without binding.

The X mounts are shorter than the Y mounts BTW

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My lead screw bearing mounts are in the right spots short one being on the x-axis y-axis have longer ones. Motors are installed correctly as far as I know

Can you jog to the far extremes on both the Y and X axis to where is “bottoms out”? if not then one of the mounts was installed on the wrong axis.

you should be able to jog to either side until it hits something.

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It has a really hard time going in the far right x axis. it will go but it slows down hesitates and that’s where it makes most of the chatter right before it slows down

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ok thats what mine did. recheck the motor mounts and the bearing mounts on both axis lengthwise. one is probably shorter than the other which means you got the Y mount installed of the X .


They are all installed correctly

ok, it could also be that black bracket that the lead screw goes thru in your pic above my not be square. loosen that up a bit so it “floats” and jog it back and forth to see if it helps any.