Will this work on primeweld?

Hey, ive purchased a 2x2 table and I have a primeweld cut 60 plasma cutter. Ive seen people who make it work but I need to be sure that my model will work for it. Ive seen that at some point they stopped supporting primeweld and I need to know if this is still true before it ships so I can cancel my order if it doesnt work. But id much rather call them and just ask but I couldnt find a number that worked, I just found this forum. So if anyone has some answers?

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How long have you had your PW? The newer models are on the approved list. That being said there are allot of people who have had success with the Older PW with some mitigation.

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I believe ive had it for almost a year now it does have cnc port but I was just not sure of the purchase after seeing some conflicting information. Would this still work with it being a year old?

Where is your CNC port located? Bottom or top of the machine?

At the bottom of the back panel

It is an older version. We likely bought pretty close to the same time. I have been using mine with success. You should order some extra ferrite chokes.

Did you order the Torch height control with your 2x2 table?

If so you will need to wire that to the lugs inside the plasma cutter.

If you have any trouble Prime Weld will likely help you out. When I called them they told me it was very few machines that were having trouble and if I had trouble they would take care of me.

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Here is a thread that shows how to use ferrite chokes to reduce interference.

I did the choke with the two loops and added another choke at the computer end. Haven’t had any interference issues.

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I did add the water table and THC to mine, do you happen to know the number? I couldnt find any phone number to call for them.

For Primeweld?

Here is how to attach inside the machine.

I believe @nicaDd has a thread that goes through it step by step

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Oh sorry nvm, I was confused I was meaning langmuir but you said prime weld my bad, thanks for the advice. Ill let you know if I run into trouble.

Langmuir only provides phone support for the XR table. They are responsive to emails and questions on here.

Here is the number for Primeweld. They are super helpful too!


i have a step by step instruction pdf that will walk you thru wiring it to RAW voltage if you want it.

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Sure that would definitely help, thank you

here you go.

PrimeWeld Raw Voltage Cable Installation.pdf (2.3 MB)


Would you happen to know what size copressor would supply sufficient air to the machine for enough time to get through the design without pausing. I just need to know what size I should upgrade too. My little compressor wont work.

i’ve been using the harbor freight 29 gallon belt driven compressor for the past 3 1/2 years. it produces the min CFMs to run the cut60. i added an aftercooler to it to help with moisture getting into the tank and added a desiccant dryer + motorguard filter right before the cutter to take out the rest of the moisture. about a year ago i added a secondary 30 gallon tank from an old compressor. been running good.

if can buy a bigger one then by all means do it. if i had the room, i would.

Perfect I was looking at probably a 32gallon mine is not suitable for much.

I think a 60 gallon tank is minimum, unless you’re only cutting thin material. You really don’t want to run out of air…