Prime Weld cut 60 torch wiring diagram

Here is one link to a topic discussing this

[Wiring pins primeweld]
(Primeweld Cut 60 CNC wiring pins)

Also search the keyword “prime” top right at the magnifying glass.

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You can use the CNC port for the trigger wiring. But I would do the raw voltage from inside the plasma cutter it seems to work better that way.

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Thanks Guy’s thats the one i was talking about.

For reference

Primeweld cut60 Website

Just a note here, some of the specifications on the web site are wrong.

  • High-Frequency arc start
  • Drag Start capability
  • Continuous Pilot Arc

For raw wiring…

From right side (work clamp)

From left side (torch)


Just so i’m clear the raw voltage wires are the red and black that will plug into the THC control box

yes, you use the “banana” wires for RAW. use ring or fork connectors on the ends.

Ok Thanks for the help i sure i will be back with more questions

Also note: work clamp is positive and torch is negitive.

FYI Pins 5 and 7 are also raw voltage via 100K resistors on each, to prevent catastrophic things happening at the connector, should things go sideways. :zap: :zap: :zap: :fire: :rofl:

didn’t you mention that using raw voltage via cnc port wasn’t reliable?

Yeah, but in my case, it got reliable when I tweaked my THC divider board. That too had 100K resistors and so the series duplication was messing things up, so I bypassed (jumpered) those on my THC divider board and the sample voltage went to the expected values. :nerd_face:


I would like to use the cnc port on mine. Can you show what you did to bypass the resistor?

My THC is the Robo THC3T-02 so this may not help you. But, from my notes, below is a pic of their (Robo THC3T-02) divider board and how I jumpered their resistors. I DO NOT recommend jumpering the resistors in the CUT60, those are there as a SAFETY MEASURE to prevent catastrophic failure in the event of a short circuit.

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Thank you. That is different from the Langmuir board but I will see if I might be able to do something similar.

Hmmmm, for my edification, I would like to see what the Langmuir board looks like? :nerd_face:

I will take some pictures tonight and post.

Very Interesting! :nerd_face: