What have you done on your CrossFire Pro Today?

I cut out 4 of these over the last two evenings. This cut great straight from Fireshare. Painted up two of them.


Got these eagle flags painted and also cut a US Air Force flag. Air Force Flag started with a Fileshare download and got some updates. It’s going to be a Christmas gift for a friend to give his Dad who is retired AF. No paint in the photo. He may get it powder coated.


I got my 45xp cutting 1/4” today and it did great.


About how big is the Eagle flag? I would like to incorporate that eagle into a Harley sign. Where did you find it?


It’s from Fireshare. All I did was reduce it in scale (don’t remember original size) down to about 18" wide x 16 tall" and open up a few spots to make sure it generated okay at that scale.

If you search “flag” on Fireshare there is also a second, less complex, one with an eagle and a flag background.

Eagle Flag.dxf (587.0 KB)


Yesterday, I cut out a few of the Halloween offerings on Fireshare. Painted them up this afternoon.

If you use the trees one, you may want to open up the gap between the base on the lower part of the tree. I also added some additional tabs between the base and feet on several of them. The welcome sign was cut unchanged from downloaded dxf.

Overall, really good offerings by the poster.

These are 18 gauge.


Made some 14 gauge stainless legs for a furnace and coil assembly.


You definitely have your settings dialed in!!! WOW

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More than just today, but I built new units for our cover crop seeder. 320 pieces cut out of 1/4 inch.

Single unit installed on the bar.

32 units installed on the bar

Oh to have had this thing when I was younger and had more ambition!


How much coin did you save??

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At a farm show last winter for something similar, they were wanting $1200 a piece. I need to get all my numbers together, but I have significantly less than that in these! I built them to use our disk openers that are too worn to use on the corn planters but still have enough life left for cover crop rye.


Who says we can’t print money…


Sounds like you paid for your cutting system and then some! Congratulations on a great project.

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Very cool, I am looking at your parts and it looks like there are only holes on one side for your red handle pin?
Wish I would have seen this first, I did not think of bending one side and welding the other. I welded mine both sides, I like your a lot better.

Very nice work, this is the kind of stuff I like to see being made.


Nice work, we have the same style in our crawel space, that crew used bricks.

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You just made @TinWhisperer dry heave a little.


That’s an almost universal sentiment here :smile:


I created this one last night and cut three of them this morning. Im going to add it to the FireShare as soon as I get one painted up presentable like.

18 gauge and about 12 inches tall before bending the base.

Gonna narrow that one foot on the kettle too before posting.


kickball_.dxf (4.0 MB)

Big company kickball tournament wall hanger. I got some feedback from coworkers and two main things they said…home plate and could I add a picture so took their feedback and also added the kickball to give it an extra custom touch. You could easily make this kind of thing for baseball or other sports. I did add two more bolt holes near the picture to help it squeeze together and hold picture in place.


I like the font what one is that?