Water table fluid

I cut a week before I worry about the water…but it all depends on how long it sits unused and if you put any chemicals in it…
I use Greencut and now into Sterling cut…and my water is fine

I haven’t been putting any chemicals in mine - so maybe that’s the issue? Do these chemicals not produce any nasty fumes?

you should do some reading on water additives for plasma cutting.

  • low fumes
  • prevents rusting
  • no growth

there are many options…from chemical additives like I mentioned…to simple borax…

That’s on the the OG table, one pans worth of water and filling to 1/4" below the edge.

what about on the PRO?

I am not going to say it…but here is a link…

I run my water level 1" below my cut material , 16 1/2 gallons in my pro water table. Using plasma green 9010 water additive.
My tank holds 25 gallons of treated water. Drain table when done for day, all the sediment settles in bottom of water tank over night. Water looks fresh and clean when refill water table…

Can you use cnc machining coolant mixture? Or is the PH there for a reason? If there is already a post about this point in that direction and I will read it.

I would worry about the fumes…
I put gas in a gas tank and diesel in a diesel tank…I never put diesel in a gas tank…nor would I put Gas in a diesel tank…

use the fluid designed for the process…or straight water…

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I use SterlingCool plasma fluid. No rust at all at this point.
cuttingfluidsdirect.com $149.00 5 gallon pail

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@Papabear010 The high alkalinity is what inhibits rust formation.

I have used Greencut…I liked it…now I am on the sterling cool…I am beginning to like it a bit more…water seems to stay more clear…and it does not seem the froth as much…mind you I have not done a lot of cutting on it yet compared to a year with Greencut.

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The galvanized surface can be removed with muriatic acid in case you need to weld galvanized steel. The reaction when the acid meets the metal is instantly violent so be careful. I put a 24" length of small diameter pipe in a bucket of acid 6" deep and it was like a volcano instantly erupting out the other end and you don’t want to breathe that smoke either.

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I bought a 20 gal vertical fuel tank and modified it like the pictures. Table will hold 17 gallons as far as usable level is concerned. The tank was $ 139 on speedway.com. I use a 4 gallon per minute 120 volt pump to fill and gravity to drain it. A three way valve from McMaster carr it directs the flow. Nice fill rate, it doesn’t shoot out of the drains very crazy. Bubbles up about 1 inch or so. fills table in 3 or 4 min.


nice work and cool design…
my question is do you filter you down fluid at all…because I will tell you I ran my water system a few months without filtering it on the way back to the tank…ended up with a sludge or metal at the bottom…and a bitch to clean out later.
those little filer screens are not fine enough.

and on a second note…how dare you place such a fine work on the floor and not have it on a custom painted reinforced structurally sound and adjustable bottom shelf system that was designed on Fusion360 with self leving feet and …

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It sits in an aluminum cradle off the floor. And you are correct. Had to remove the filter element the micron rating was way to small for gravity drainage. Made a screen out of screen door fabric.

My table drainage is above the bottom so the big heavy pieces stay with the pan. I use a cheap wet dry vacuum to clean up. Believe it or not the fluid stays pretty clean. I have a large 2" clean out bung on the other side for clean up of whatever make its way to the tank. So far it’s minimal.


were are u getting the sodium nitrite?

You can order some Sodium Nitrate from Amazon or get some Borax powder from the grocery store in the laundry section. It works but leaves a white film on everything.

Get some SterlingCool plasma fluid. $140 a pail.
Will last you a long time.
Sodium Nitrite…

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NO!!! You want Sodium NITRITE! Not Sodium NitRATE!!!

And you only need 4oz to make a batch of concentrate to make 75 gallons of water.


Sorry your right Tom. Easy mistake, just one letter and one oxider molecule.