Pro water table volume

Has anyone calculated the volume of the pro water table? I am interested in ordering a container I can pump into for storage.

Roughly 50" x 34" x 3" is 5100 cubic inches. That would suggest just over 22 gallons to the brim

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Better calculations than my hand grenade math :slight_smile: I was assuming it’s about 50% wider than my current one which takes about 7 gallons so each half would be about 10 gallons (7 being 2/3 roughly of 10) and the pair would be about 20 gallons. Calculating the real volume like you did would have required me to open my boxes (something I’m waiting to do until they’re all here or I’m sure to lose something while I wait :wink: ).

Bottom line, I need more HD buckets though!

Although, I’m thinking of putting a bigger 25 gal or so Rubbermaid or water keg against the wall. Then just pump it in when I want to use the table (I’ll be moving the table into the center of one of the garage bays to use it so there’s room to get around it). When I’m done, I’ll drain it into the tank and then push the table back over it. Will also save me from having to push 150lbs of water around.

To calculate gallons its length x width x height / .231.

These sprayer tanks may work out ok. $53

Nice find. I was thinking maybe an RV type water tank but this is the right size and would be a nice fit against the garage wall.

It’s actually divided by 231 not .231 (22 gal vs 22078 gal :slight_smile:)

Yeah I fat fingered the space bar on that decimal point.

Same type I’m going to use because I have one already.

I didnt Measure precisely but it’s around 13+/- gallons after I filed it up. The sides are not as deep as my original calculations

Hmmm…Northern makes a 16gal sprayer tank that would seem to work too then. Save a little money & space that way. I’ll have to check mine when I set it up next weekend.

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I just bought this tank for my table. I think 16 Gallons will fit nicely on a shelf under the table. Haven’t even cut anything on the table yet and I’m already approaching $400 on add ons
16 Gallon Tank

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I’m considering that one and the sprayer tank from Northern. Figured I wanted to precisely measure the table volume so I don’t come up short on tank capacity.

I’ll move my pump over from the current Crossfire setup so I won’t be adding too much more $ of add-ons :slightly_smiling_face:

We get 15 gallon plastic barrels at work with threaded caps. I’m thinking it would hold a couple psi to transfer with compressed air. I might grab one and try it out this weekend. They should be fairly inexpensive or free, if you find someone in your area.

I think I missed it in the specs, but does anyone know which stainless steel they are using for the table (304, 316) or what the gauge thickness is?

I believe I seen somewhere in here that it is type 201 stainless.

S201 stainless steel (austenitic)

FIY I bought a 16gallon tank. its seem to be enough to fill the water table

Is there any electrolysis risk with leaving the Pro water table full?
I would always drain my Crossfire after each use but with the amount left behind in the Pro pan I’m considering leaving it full.

I would consider going to Amazon and doing a search on “Gray water storage tank”. This option would give you 4 in/out ports 2 sets of 2 being the same size port. I purchased the 21 gallon tank which It should be plenty. I had also purchased the 15 gallon for my CrossFire and the diamond plate material to make my own water table but they came out with the CrossFire Pro put that project to a halt.

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