Vipercut 30 on CF Pro

Has anyone wired in a Vipercut 30 into the Pro with THC?

The vipercut30i can be tough because the torch cable is shorter than the 45 so you’ll need to take that into consideration. That being said we wired one up here with Raw Voltage to THC and it cut great so it will definitely work. If you find that you are battling the short torch cable, you can always purchase the upgraded X45 torch from us (uses Hypertherm style consumables) that has drastically improved cutting performance and a longer torch cable. You can find that in our store here:

Hi Mike. Mind sharing how to wire it up ?

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@jimt this should help…Wiring Razorweld45 without Voltage Divider for THC

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Are we to understand that the internals are very similar on the viper and the razor? There’s just more power out of the razor.

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I wired my 30i up but haven’t been able to try it yet . It’s similar yes.

Yes the two machines are similar apart from the differences in cutting amperage. The biggest difference between the two machines that makes the Razorcut a much better machine is that it comes with the X45 torch. This torch offers much better cut performance and consumable life over the S45 torch that comes on the Vipercut30i. Fortunately customers with a 30i can upgrade to the X45 torch as well; we sell one on our store here:

Great! Post up your pics jimt, I’m still waiting for mine. I got my laptop stand but nothing else yet.

Thanks Mike

I can’t confirm this is right or will work beens I’m not up and running where I can try it. Basically like the 45 with a twistimage image

Ok the posted pictures are correct on the wiring. As stated the torch lead is a lil short but I set the plasma cutter on a small wine rack about a foot tall and it works fine. So a small table, 5 gallon bucket, anything stable to set the cutter on will let you have enough torch cable for the Pro.

I’m in the process of doing the same thing trying to figure out how to install a 30i machine. I’m very very new to this world of CNC machines and I am at the stage of trying to hook up the THC controller to the unit. I am not having a whole lot of luck figuring out what wires go to what. I was also hoping someone might give some insight as to the other wires from the THC Box on the side of the cutter to the Langmuir unit used. Sounds like there are several options and I am not sure of contact points. Excited to use the machine, but with my lack of expertise in this area, I’m struggling to get fully up and running. I hope maybe you have some insight or maybe some pictures of what wires you connected to or Terminals you go in line with. The x45 has a different board and the layout is way different from what I can see in my unit. So not sure how they can use it for the quick hook-up options.

Do you have any specific pics for what terminals and what cables are hooked to? Sometimes in the Zooming of Pics, we lose the overall view as well. Would be handy if you have a pic that isn’t as zoomed in and use a snip-it tool to circle the areas. I am an EXTREME Novice in this whole process I own a NEW in-the-box Vipercut 30i. Figured I will give it my best shot to make it work to start with. Do you have any options for a VERY NEW NOVICE?

You can hook straight to work lead lugs. The positive red lead goes to clamp cable. The black lead attaches to the torch lead. I know it sounds backwards but it isn’t.
If you take the cover off your machine and snap some pictures. Someone can show and tell you where to hook them

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The thread that is linked above has pictures of the connections at the lugs that are directly behind the spots where the torch and the work clamp plug in on the front of the machine.

As far as the connections to the VIM(small black plastic box), you connect the red and black connectors to the matching ports on the box. Then connect a cable from the PV out port on that box to the THC port on the Electronics enclosure on the table. Those are the only wires that connect to that box in the case of using raw voltage.

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I hooked up the wires and I was able to get FireControl to Recognize the unit. Now I cant get the Plasma Torch to Fire in the Program. I can get it to fire if I pull the Trigger, but can’t get it to fire otherwise. I hear a click, but nothing. Tried to do set up and Test but still nothing. Is there an additional wire that I have to hook up to the Langmuir control box on the side of the table? Torch on/ off the cable to?? My Laptop is sitting on an Additional Rolling table not attached. I have the Ground Cable attached to the piece of material. Beyond new at this, so scratching my head.

You need a torch on/off wire hooked to the Torch on/off port on the electronics enclosure. That wire should be spliced into the necessary wires to fire the torch(not the same wires as the raw voltage), inside the plasma cutter. CrossFire Assembly Guide | Langmuir Systems

The wires connected to the VIM box are not involved in the firing of the torch. They only report voltage to the THC module, so it can control the torch height during cutting.

By the way, Firecontrol does not recognize the plasma cutter being connected to it. The only thing Firecontrol recognizes is the USB connection to the THC module on the main board in the electronics enclosure. It would still show that connection on the screen with no wires connected to the plasma cutter.

Were you using that plasma cutter on another table? If so then all you need is to hook up the + and - form the unit for THC. If not then you need the trigger wires also hooked up.

I have read threw the manual and instructions like 20 times and didn’t catch that. On Langmuir’s site was a bit confusing as to what units they are talking about. This answered a bunch of questions for the NO fire reason. Now the issue is figuring out the wires.
I must have a different series of the Viper Cut 30i. My gun does not have the EURO plug and is hard plumbed into the inside. I do see one small red wire that comes from the gun out of the sleeve and into the unit. It then goes to a wire nut where they put another wire and it goes up to the Ground side of the unit on the circuit board with a Screw down nut.

I’m not seeing the second wire. If it is there, it is hard to find or can’t follow the Wire back to the Positive source wires and Screw down nut on the board.