Touch Probe runout adjustment

I’m trying to adjust the touch probe runout but I’m having issues. When I tighten the set screws I don’t see any difference in the measured runout but it feels like I’m going to strip out the set screw if I crank any harder. What am I doing wrong?

Loosen the bolts on the top slightly. Those set screws will only move maybe 1 mm. See picture

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You likely know this, but make sure you loosen the set screw opposite of the one you are tightening in order for the components to move relative to each other. Adjust the ones at 12/6 o’clock, then the others at 3/9 o’clock.

If you contact support, they have a whole PDF on how to service the touch probe. I spent hours fiddling with mine. Ultimately, the probe tip was bent but the PDF would have saved me a ton of grief if I had it in advance.

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Can you share the PDF here?

@langmuir-jake Is the PDF redistributable?

Thanks. I did ensure that the opposing screw was loose but still couldn’t get any movement.

Thanks. I may give this a try tonight.

You may need to loosen the screws that are perpendicular to that axis.

If they are tight amd on the wrong side of the centerline then the set screw you are adjusting is trying to push a cylinder through a gap that is too small thanks to the perpendicular screws pinching the part.

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Thank you. I’m guessing that’s the problem. I’ll take a look at that tonight.

I went to adjust my run out today and noticed I have no set screws in the body of the probe. Only the 3 bolts on top are holding it in position. Should there be set screws?

Yes. Email langmuir to get some. If they don’t have any I will send you some from my old probe.

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Thanks! Email sent. I’ll update the thread as soon as I know more.

If you don’t want to wait they are just standard #6-32 thread. Mine was missing them as well but I had an assortment of small stainless button head machine screws that I used and worked great. I did go through and round the contact ends of the thread slightly to give a better contact point.

Bonus is that you can then use a larger hex drive on the screws instead of the tiny one required for 6-32 set screws.

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I finally got a chance to work on this again. I did need to loosen the fasteners on top a bit in order to get any movement from tightening the set screws. It took a few iterations but it worked. Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for the information. I was able to pick up screws from my local Ace

Hey everyone, here’s the link to the Touchprobe Troubleshooting Guide. Let me know if you have any questions.

Touch Probe Troubleshooting.pdf (1.6 MB)

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