Tampa New User Help

I’m a new user in the Tampa Bay area looking for a little help mostly on Fusion 360. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So there is a lot of things to learn in fusion 360. Many struggle for the first month or two but it’s worth it. Are you looking for just a basic 2D user design video or something more specific?

I’ve watched a bunch of videos I just need some help with the basics.

These are really good videos to watch on fusion basics.


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@1952cas Welcome to the forum

As @DonP Has mentioned watch the videos on the Langmuir site and save your self some headaches. I just went through this same issue and I should have watched these videos first before all the YouTube videos because the Langmuir videos are very detailed and walk you through it step by step.


@1952cas I put a small collection of CAD cam videos for Fusion 360 that are centered in using it for the Langmuir.

I also have the same videos plus others in live streams at this YouTube link.

But for sure start with the langmuir videos on the main site.

@DonP also has made a set of videos posted here