Sample g code files

does anyone have some g code files they would share so i can test my machine? i’m still trying to wrap my head around fusion 360 and all the parameters. i made a simple part and ran the post process using the firecontrol post processor, but i kept getting error codes when trying to load the file into fire control. i just want to get the machine tested and make sure the plasma is going to fire and do what it should.

Here are two. One is a LS engine motor mount plate and the other is a simple tab.Now these were done without any z axis because they were done for the original crossfire as I am still waiting on Box 2 and my THC.1.75 flange gcode.tap (1.5 KB) LS MM single modified gcode.tap (1.4 KB)

What errors were you seeing when uploading your test program?

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when up loading i get “unrecognized or bad g code on line 21” or something like that, but its always line 21. not sure where the line numbers start whether its at the top of the file or at the beginning of the sequence after the comment section. i havent done any coding other than Autolisp routines in autocad. this shit is greek to me.

If you want to post your code I will tell you what the issue is.

thanks for the files, i was able to re-post my sample drawing last night and get it to run. not sure what i did different. but im cutting now. just have to figure out all the feed rates, piercing times and amperage for my forcecut 40D… and get better at fusion, or just use it to generate tool paths and post process and stick with autocad since i’ve been using it since its infancy (back when you booted to autocad in MS-DOS)

i will do that when i get home this evening.

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LAPTOP STAND (25.7 KB) image

just got this trying to load the sample file from dwilliamson in this thread: (and i have installed the firecontrol update to 20.2) image

Line 21 is:
G1 G41 X15.2483 Y7.6383 F40.

I suspect it’s the G41 giving you the problem. Remove it
G1 X15.2483 Y7.6383 F40.
and see if you get further
Also remove the G40 command on line 31

I haven’t got my Pro yet, but I can’t see anywhere in Firecontrol to set kerf/tool width so it doesn’t make sense to issue a G41 command. Did you generate this file using a post processor for the Pro?

yes, fusion 360, crossfire pro post processor.

i will try removing the g41 command and re try

Hi @Dirty_Bill are you making sure that your offset compensation in Fusion is set to ‘In Computer’ and not ‘In Control’?


its set as in control at the moment, im guessing thats not correct… lol

Yes please make sure to set to ‘In Computer’! We suggest checking out our CAM tutorial videos here, espeically the one about posting for FireControl if you havent already done so:

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thanks for everything, i was able to get it to upload and run, had a few voltage issues ad had to restart a few times, but that was due to blow back fouling the tip and my consumables were getting near the end of their life.


EDIT: nevermind. removing g40 and g41 from the file above worked with the THC turned off.

i dont mind sharing the dxf. sorry i didnt reply sooner, been busy at work and havent been on the interwebs at home in a few days.

if you want the file let me know. its on my PC at home. i would recommend centering the table mount more under the table. i just added the “mouse pad” and didnt think it would matter that much but i am going to have to add another gusset to the support arm because of the torsional load on it. its twisting along the large hole in it near the hinges. also suggest lighter steel, i used 10ga. since thats all i have at the moment.

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Sure! Already cut it, but it could be a reference for other people. I really like your design!!

Laptop Stand.dxf (296.6 KB)


You’re the man!

Finished pics of my interpretation of your design. Used one of the factory leg bolts and a nutsert/bolt for the second attachment point. IIRC this is 1/8" plate.

Thanks again Bill!