Reducing Dust & Particulates

Since I want to cut 4x8 sheets, i have to hang 4’ off the edge. So, i can’t use a submersion-style water table.

Right now, the only thing I can think of, is to put the whole machine on casters and roll it outside each time I need to cut a part.

In your own experiences, what is the best way to reduce the dust and debris emitted by plasma cutting?

Right now, i have a very clean shop, and would like to keep it that way, haha. (( Engine building maybe once a year. ))


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Shop filtration unit hung from ceiling over table area.

Or a smoke eater also works well

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Hm. That actually looks like a pretty good solution! I wonder if i could build a little welding curtain booth around the CNC, and then use that machine to create a down-draft or a side-draft airflow pattern… :thinking:

I like your little booth around it…but it would be best to have the booth negativecair to the surrounding area. In other words exhaust their out of the booth and draw the fresh air into it.

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See this thread:

You will still have to run water. The water keeps down most of the dust and fine particles. If you were to convert to downdraft, just be careful as the front and rear frame tubes would need some extra metal over them to protect them as the torch travels over them. With water in the table it’s not a problem.

We’ve got the smoke and fumes covered really well. Thanks everyone!

But what about all the sparks and metal debris the torch throws off? Do I just have to sweep them up after they accumulate on the ground? (assuming i build a small negative-air booth around the machine)

Water tray under the plasma…

I’m aware that the Crossfire Pro comes with a water tray, but it only catches downward projectiles from the bottom of the cutting surface… the videos i’ve seen, there are still sparks and debris being emitted from the top of the cutting surface…

I cut in my garage only 12’ x 18’ for now while I build my new shop.
Sparks are very few. It also depends on several factors…water height…cut speed…torch height…

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So along with building a negative-pressure booth around the machine, i’ll have to carefully tune my speeds and feeds to reduce sparks and slag emitting from the torch.

Thanks everyone!

Everyone, i made an enclosure and it works perfect!!!

I used that WEN filter thing, the big one.

Any questions, or if you want the CAD files, let me know!

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Here is the link for the industrial filter system:

And the link for the welding curtain:

And here is the link for the casters:

And this is the air dryer i’m using:

USB Extension Cable:

Hooks for hanging cables when not in use:

Clamps for organizing the stepper motor cables:

The velcro came from McMaster, and they completely ripped me off on shipping, so don’t buy from them. Get velcro from somewhere else and save yourself the outrageous shipping fees.

just now reading this thread - what are the cad files for? Are you running the water table, or just air draft?

You have to run water in that table, or you could accidentally cut through the stainless pan.

CAD files, i don’t know where they are anymore, sorry, lol, it has been 3 years since I built the enclosure.

Hopefully the Amazon links still work, should be all you need to copy the design.

oh, the cad files were for the enclosure? (I couldn’t determine what the files were)