DIY 8" 750CFM Table-Fume Exhaust Installed

Made a 750CFM Fume Exhaust for $275 while waiting for the new table to ship. I’ve attached some visuals and a component list that got it done.

Quite impressed with the fan quality, power, decible level and the best part, a little wired wall-mounted controller that allows 8 power levels to operate at. In the video below it is running at max speed.

I know it looks scary where my Reznor exhaust runs just below the fan duct but that exhaust reaches only a mildly warm contact temperature.

Feel free to hit me with any questions.

8" Fan:
8" Ducting:
8" Damper:
8" Wall Flange:
8" Elbow:
8" Grate:




Looks nice and doesn’t seem too loud especially for that volume.

Why only an 8" intake though? Wouldn’t something with a wider opening (2’ by 2’ maybe) be better for capturing what is coming off the table?


Wonder if you could have the little hood attach right to the torch holder so it goes with the torch.

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Yeah, I imagine I will be making a custom hood but until I get the table to see how well it draws at the current height and configuration. I hope it draws great as is just because of how out of the way it is.

That’s a great idea, I bet it would work. The ducting, even with the mouth on the end is very “cooperative”.

That much cfm following too close to the cutter may suck up small light gauge cut outs? I love your idea and after cutting in the shop the other day with the doors closed I probably need to do this. Our shop is 40*80 with 17’ sidewalls in the part that the cutter is.

Thanks for the info

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What he said… And sparks too, safety s a thing now …


True but I’d bet one of those 8 speed settings will pull fumes but not solids/sparks at a given standoff.

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Agreed. Can’t wait to see a video of it pulling out the fumes.

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I wouldn’t try attaching to the torch - beyond the issues others have raised I’d be concerned about all that extra weight/inertia.

But I’d likely attach it to one of those ceiling roller spools used for electrical cords or air hoses. Use a rope that will pull the fume hood back up when it’s retracted. When you want to use it you can pull it down and it will stay however far off the table you put it.


I had some scraps I needed to cut up today so I manually cut them under the intake but not surprisingly, without the water table, the fumes were just pushed down to the floor away from the intake.

I left the exhaust on as well as a shop fan in another area to keep the air cycling toward the exhaust; and it definitely cleared out the fumes quicker than just opening the doors (bad idea here in Michigan at 35º), but for sure the exhaust needs the water table or to be used in a down draft setup to be ideal.


Once you have the water under the torch there is very little fume.


Just an update on the performance of this. With my Pro XFire up and running and the exhaust inlet centered over the table at the cable-lead bar-end, it is surpassing my expectations. I still plan to add a “collecting hood” but I am able to run programs without a door open and fan running.

I’ll see about posting a video if I have a chance today. Overall, highly recommended and WELL worth the cost.


I would like to see the video. I’m having fumes issues.

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would think you would want to avoid any extra drag on the step motors to maintain smooth operation. quick movements of the head could start the whole works wobbling also. Free hanging hood is probably best. I’ll have to figure this out when mine arrives also… :sunglasses:

I’ll get you one today.

After two days of cutting, my “lead guide-bar” Has yet to move. It is centered over the table and doesn’t move during programs, even at the extreme travel corners.

did you got a chance to up load the video?

I would like to see those 740 cfm in action.

Sorry for the delay Israel, here’s the best demonstration I have from 2 angles… Ones a time-lapse of a few hours so it’s not much help but you can see the fumes don’t cloud up the shop and no doors or windows are open. The first video shows the amount of fumes being pulled toward the exhaust inlet.


Your exhaust setup helped me understand a lot of stuff. I will go with 12" 2,900 CFM and perhaps a small hood or side funnel. Thanks for share the video.