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I’ve created a spreadsheet for a cut chart for the Razorweld plasma cutter since there doesn’t seem to be one on the web anywhere. Razorweld doesn’t supply one and although Langmuir is intending to create one, they’re kind of busy with shipping machines :slightly_smiling_face:

So here’s the Google sheet link. Anyone with a link can edit it but it’s not otherwise public. If you look you’ll see a few entries have already been filled out. I’ve gotten that info from posts here that specifically referenced the Razorweld machines. All the columns aren’t filled out because I couldn’t find the missing information in the posts.

If you find successful settings while using your machine and you update the sheet we’ll be able to bootstrap a cut chart until Langmuir can come out with the official one.

If it’s easier for you to just post a reply, I’ll regularly farm the comments and update the sheet for anyone who’d rather do it that way and I’ll post a note when I update it. There’s an update date in the spreadsheet so you can tell if you’ve got the latest version.

The columns should be self-explanatory. They are also sortable & filterable by clicking on the arrow next to the column heading. That way as it grows you can zero in on the settings for a specific material & thickness.

I’ve also included a couple of columns that I think provide useful information - like if you used a water table (affects dross & warpage) or comments where you can note anything you think is useful as well as the source’s forum name so people can search your posts or send a PM. If you don’t have or want to share any of the info just leave it blank.

Let me know if there’s additional information that would be useful but isn’t in the sheet.


Updated with today’s project settings (pic of project attached).


Nice work James! I also cut some new things today. .060 stainless cut at 30 amps, 95ipm, .060 shim spacing, and 1.0mm drag tip. Very little dross. Also cut 3/16 mild steel 45 amps, 35ipm, .060 shim spacing, 1.0mm drag tip.

I also noticed yesterday when I was cutting 1/8” aluminum that the torch arc would still go out in the middle of a long cut. After some research I found that to slow of travel speed can cause this issue, as I know for certain it’s not a air issue. So I am going to be doing some more testing on 1/8” aluminum with amperage and speed and report back.

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Great. Added to the sheet.

Thanks for the info will keep filling in the blanks

Would you care to share the dxf file for that? My brother in law says that all the time and it it would make a great xmas present for him.

I’ll send it to you via PM.


I recieved it thank you a bunch. Ill be uploading some pics of my designs soon as start cutting them. If i have anything you like let me know and ill share.


I did it in 2 toolpaths - one for all of the inner cuts and one for the outer cuts. Then I ran each separately (inner then outer). No reason I needed to do that - but I wasn’t sure whether I might have tip-ups caused collisions.

I have a couple of videos posted on YouTube that show the cuts running. Both paths together took under 4 minutes total on a 2x2 format.

Did some more testing today on 1/8” aluminum. 35 amps at 80 ipm is money :ok_hand:t5:

Standard .8 tip? Or did you go to a 1mm?

Spreadsheet updated:

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Ahh sorry, that was with the 1.0mm drag tip.

Good to know. 35A seems to be a tossup as to whether it should be 1mm or .8mm. I use 1mm tips over that so I’ll start using them at 35 too.

I have yet to try 35 amps with the .8 tip, but I may give it a try just to see how it does. I’m not cutting any font or real technical design, so the 1.0 tip works great

For line 16 withe 0.375 plate it was a trafimet machine torch with 0.8 tip. I really do need to get some larger tips to try out.

So 0.8 tip, For what its worth Machine torch, the 12 IPM seams close to what she wanted. dross remove wasn’t bad from what I recall. Thinking it was 0.060 shim, Pierce was fine from what I recall and better than expected but don’t recall delay I am thinking around 1 second.

This chart is really getting great. Love that it shows tip size and type, shim used, and some pierce delays.

Keep up the good work!

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Razorweld owners additional feedback please :slight_smile:

Thank You

One to add… Razorweld 45, 45 amps, .9 Harbor Freight Tip, .25 304 Stainless, 15 ipm, clean cut, .06 height

Done. Just updated it.

Thanks for the info




Been cutting 24 gauge mild steel best results so far is 120ips, 20amps and 50 psi. To much air and the torch was blowing out

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