PrimeWeld CUT60 removed from compatible list

Regretfully, we have decided to remove the Primeweld Cut60 machines from our list of compatible plasma cutters: The Primeweld units have become a popular choice among our user base, offering good performance and power at a very attractive price.

We have been hearing reports of FireControl freezing for quite a long time when used with these plasma cutters. We decided to do a thorough analysis of our past customer services tickets and have found that effectively all verified instances of interference have coincided with the use of the CUT60. While we cannot tell for certain, our best guess is that about 1/4 of customers that are using the CUT60 with our machines experience some type of interference problems. Normal remedies such as physical distance, installation of chokes, and use of a USB isolator have been shown to have only varying success.

As a manufacturer our goal from the beginning has always been to get people cutting in the most cost effective way forward. The CUT60 has played a role in that gateway due to its accessible price tag. However, we can no longer in good faith recommend these cutters with our machine from this point onward. For those that already own a CUT60 we will continue to do our best to support you as always. Thank you.

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Is this the only cutter that stands out like this or are there others?

I am guessing Everlast will be the next on they drop.

here is the page and latest bulletin …

but what would you think Everlast are the next?..I know many people who have zero problems…as long as you use the raw voltage right from inside the machine…

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So far we haven’t heard of any issues at all with the Everlast machines, they are quite good with exception of the well known issue with their voltage divider. Easy to bypass it though.


Is there any primeweld cut 60 owners that haven’t had any problems? Or is this issue found in all of them?

I bet there will be a lot of people canceling their pre-orders for the Primeweld after reading this.

Then I wander how many will cancel their machine torch orders.

Very interesting! …Why then does it work fine under Mach3? What can be so radically different in the PrimeWeld CUT60 electronics? Was proper EMI analysis performed, to identify the source? Do I smell something fishy with FireControl. So glad I bought when I did and I’m running Mach3
Maybe, PrimeWeld should have their design team reach out to Langmuir to try to isolate and rectify the problem, I see some sales losses for PrimeWeld :nerd_face:

I doubt very much it’s a software issue.

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OOPS! I meant hardware.:smile:
As even the cheapest Mach3 BOB out there works a peach.

And I see the Lotos LTP5500D is also on the $hit list and I have had zero problems with mine. However, as you have observed, we both have Gen 1 controllers.

Well for some of us the whole point early on was to have a cost effective and simple plasma CNC. My batch 2 OG table on Mach3 with now Primeweld Cut60 does the trick. The cost goes up substantially for most any other combination of Langmuir tables and cutters.

In reading issues on this forum, I would say hands down more complaints come from the Razorweld cutter yet it gets bundled going on 3 years now.


Perhaps. But what Langmuir points out, their analysis of support tickets show a 25% problem rate with PW Cut 60 users that can only sometimes be fixed. RW45 problems may be ones they can fix so doesn’t rise to the level needed to discontinue support. Or their per capita problem rate isn’t the same (since RWs are sold by the company with the table it stands to reason there are more of them out there and thus more problems from a raw number basis even if the percentage is smaller overall). I expect RW’s willingness to work with Langmuir also plays into their continued support as Langmuir has access to RW’s tech team.

Their announcement is pretty straightforward - it’s not just the volume, but the unpredictability & unknown ability to fix the problems even when the symptoms are duplicated. Anyone who has done tech support knows that your chances of success drop like a rock if an issue is not repeatable and predictably correctable when you find a solution for the problem being reported.

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The issue also affects the Mach3 boards at the exact same frequency.

Keep in mind that Razorweld machines outnumber primeweld machines by probably more than 20 to 1.

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Also we would absolutely love to work with primeweld to address this option. Good for us, them, and our mutual customer base.

We saw almost the exact same behavior with the AHP CUT60 machines at the very beginning with the batch 1 OG CrossFire machines. As soon as the torch fired it would freeze Mach3. We knew that it was the plasma cutter power supply because a distance of about 25 feet would allow Mach3 to remain running. That was the first plasma cutter that we listed as incompatible.

Hopefully some interaction between Langmuir and PrimeWeld engineers could take place,to resolve these technical issues. I think both the Langmuir Crossfire and PrimeWeld Plasma Cutters are seriously capable machines and needless to say, this customer is extremely satisfied. Guess we’ll see where this goes. :tumbler_glass:

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yup, i haven’t had major problems with mine running 2 years now. I did notice with mach3 it would freeze up if the cutter was too close to the control box but moving it to the opposite side was enough for it to work without issues. Never have a problem with it running firecontrol on the Pro.

I believe it’s something to due with the kind of USB cable you’re using. On the OG CF i was able to run a 15 foot USB cable with no issues. Tried the same cable on the Pro and it would freeze, even with the ferrite chokes. Went back to the Original UBS cable shipped with the Pro and it’s been working flawlessly.

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Yup, I am running a 15 ft USB cable as well, works great

This is unfortunate, but I don’t see another way. The PW product cuts great and gratifies my frugality, but a fraction of these machines are bad company for the Pro. At various times over the past year, I have used between 1 and 6 ferrite chokes (settled on two), looped and single pass (on USB, THC and CNC cables), a USB isolator, moved my cutter and routed my cables carefully. Despite my mitigation efforts and 3 million or so service tickets, my table and cutter have never strung together three successful programs. Granted, I have also seen every other malady not attributable to EMI, but experiences like mine are bad for business.

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