Powermax 45xp THC hookup

hello my name is juan im new here and to the cnc world. i have the pro with the power max 45xp that has the cnc port on the back. im trying to hook up the THC, do i still need to tap into the power max its self?

i did buy the cnc port cable that langmuir sells do I still hook up the red and blk wires. Also the one that’s hooked up the the powermax has a wire that’s longer then the other. We’re do those hook up to?.

The short cable goes to the DVI input on the vim box.

Then it would be DVI output on the vim to the Langmuir electronics enclosure.

The long cable goes right to the Langmuir electronic enclosure and it’s trigger to fire the torch.

You will not be using the red and black cables for the raw voltage connection in the last picture you linked.

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Do you have a machine torch for the plasma cutter? The CPC cable only works with machine torches, but you can make a hand torch work by moving some pins in the Torch connector.

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Yes mine does have the machine torch on it.

I’m still waiting on my bracket from Langmuir, I was told it was on B/O 3 weeks ago.

Do you have a 3d printer? I designed a 3d printed torch mount that bolts onto the Z axis. It’s on Thingiverse, but I can post a link to it, if you can’t find it

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I don’t have one but I do have a buddy that has one.

I would suggest that you use the Rev.2 versions of the mount and the clamp. That version uses heat set threaded inserts in the back of the mount and uses longer bolts to prevent cracking on the layer lines.

What do you mean the rev.2?

Rev.2 of the STL files in that 3d printed torch mount file that I linked. There are 3 different versions of the design in there.

Could you explain what pins need to be moved in the hand torch to make it work with CPC port?

Look at this thread.

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