Plasma water table anti-corrosion fluid options

There are some topics on this subject here I know but I’m starting a new topic as I’m still not clear on what my options are, especially when pertaining to what I can obtain in Europe (France).

So a couple of thoughts to begin with;

What is the purpose of the water additive? Is it just to stop your slats and steel parts rusting or is damage caused to the table and electronic components too by using water only?

Is the intention to create a harmless (when atomised) solution that is alkaline, is that sufficient?

What are you using and where do you get it?

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Any fluid other than water is optional and, yes, the idea is an alkaline solution that keeps the slats and parts from rusting. Some users use tap water and just empty the pan after every use. I have used both sodium nitrite (the meat preservative) and washing soda. For me, the sodium nitrite seemed to perform marginally better, but it has disposal issues because of toxicity. Going forward, I’m staying with washing soda because it can just go down the drain. Washing soda is apparently sold as cristaux de soude in France according to my quick Google search. It isn’t the same thing as baking soda/bicarbonate of soda. I can’t speak to the commercially produced products…I’m too cheap to try them. Good luck!

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Here’s the recipe I use:
1/4 pound of sodium nitrite powder (rust inhibitor)
1 teaspoon of Physan 20 (anti fungus)
1.5 oz Blue food-grade dye (contrast additive)
Mix well, treats 75 gallons of water.


Thanks, I’ll get some!

So in summary, the fluid only protects the work, the tray and the slats?

I process the work after cutting anyway, the tray is stainless and the slats are sacrificial so I don’t care about that much.

I am concerned that the working parts of the table may suffer, perhaps it’s useful for that too? I’m drying it all every night like it’s a new baby. That will probably get old soon!

To make your life easy, mix well with 75 oz of water and put in a gallon jug. Then, every time you need to add ‘solution’ to your system, mix one ounce (2 TBS), with each one gallon of water.
Adding 4 gallons? Easy, add 1/2 cup of solution to your 4 gallons.

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where are you guys bying these powders?

I got everything on Amazon.

I’ve been pretty happy with using Arm and Hammer Washing Soda (from Walmart). I think I used a 1/3 cup for 15 gallons. It doesn’t entirely prevent rust, but my slats don’t get too rusty/crusty either. Makes a BIG difference between using it vs. straight water. It stays in the tray for days at a time if I’ve got several things lined up to cut, and then I drain it into a tank where most of the crud in solution settles out below my pump pick-up.

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I have a question, can we paint the slats and always ground the actual peace?

You will introduce all sorts of toxic fumes in to your work environment by superheating hydrocarbons. Not worth the risk imo.

Plasma green 9010 seems to be a good water additive, no rust on metal , no build up and doesn’t effect aluminum.


like states…your slats will get burnt while cutting…fumes…waste of money

I myself use a water additive…Green Cut for now switching to Sterling cool…gonna give that a try.

these are pretty safe fluids designed for plasma cutting.

I have liked Greencut because I can pull a piece of metal off the table…wipe it down or no…and not rust for weeks…
as for my slats…no rust…

I drain and filter my fluid every few days…and keep the PH at the right level…


Plus 1 on the Green Cut, I use the same stuff here and bonus for me they are in the next province over so it only takes 2 days to get it to me. :smiley:

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I use SterlingCool, seems similar to GreenCut. Made in US and ships for free in US. Using it since I got table. Zero rust, Zero complaints. They have distributors in Canada and UK.


Hey @toolboy Let me know when you switch to Sterling what It costs you. I find it’s the shipping here to the island that jacks prices up for me. If it’s cheaper than the Greencut but works as well I’m all in. I still have more Greencut so it’ll be a while.

Of course on the other hand I could just email the rep but where’s the fun in that? :grin:

Pete Fedorko

this is the Canadian supplier for Sterling cool…send him an email…get a quote…
I will be trying out the liquid in the next month…when I run out of Green…

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I see he’s in Ontario… Shipping might be the breaker but I’ll get in touch and see. Still have a refresh of greencut on hand here so it’ll be a while for me.

It’s almost one year now and the same batch of the DIY cocktail is still in there. Water losses due to evaporation of course, but I top up with H2O as necessary. It never went funky or anything. I also used some in my water soluble oil/water mixture as flood cutting fluid for my CNC mill and 4x6 bandsaw and works great keeping the rancidity and rust away.

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I also have a tester from Amazon for testing the alkalinity of the liquid in the table…keeping it between 8 and 10…optimum levels to prevent growth and rust.

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