New guy here! question powermax 45 xp

My 45 xp unit has neither CPC port. What do I need to install in it to connect to my new CrossFire Pro?

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Check out this thread


If you want to do a field update an put the CNC port on yours, I have a install kit that I don’t need. PM me if interested.

yes that’d be great. cant find where to PM on this yet!

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no. must be too new

Perhaps Sticks could initiate the messaging with you @armsraised.

do i need both the round CPC port and the RS-485 port?

The Crossfire Pro comes with the needed electronics to internally wire your plasma cutter and use the hand held torch.

For the CPC port to work, you will need the CPC cable:

And the machine torch.
And the machine torch holder:

So if you go the route for the CPC, which is a good route, you will be looking at more than just this wiring issue.

yes i got the machine torch and holder already. I haven’t even put together the table yet! :slight_smile:

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Heading out the door, I’ll message you when I get back

No, just the CPC cord. The RS-485 is for a remote control system where the table controls the plasma on, off, and amperage. Not an option on the Crossfire system…that I am aware of.

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